Open House Happening This Saturday In Blackburne

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Truhome CONDO Open House

Visit the TruHome today this Saturday from 1-4pm at our gorgeous half duplex located in Blackburn Ravine. Listed at $329,900, this half duplex condo offers significant value. Walk in and enjoy the open concept kitchen featuring maple hardwood floors and cabinets. The home has 3 bedrooms up and a fully finished basement complete with a 3-piece bathroom, living room and guest bedroom.

Say hello and be sure to Enter to WIN one of our fantastic giveaways.

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Impress Your Sweetie: Go-To-Edmonton Valentine’s Day Guide

Thu, 02 Feb by Home Tribe

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Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where some are very excited about bringing some extra “romance and spice” to the day, while other’s see it as a commercially charged day. Either way, it is a reminder to celebrate time with those we love. Here are a few of our favorite places  and ways we like to celebrate the day (With the day falling on a Tuesday this year -there is a lot of flexibility in choosing a different date, weekend before/weekend after).

 Create Memories:

We couldn’t resist booking a Family mini session photoshoot to mark the occasion. Our son Harrison is now 7 months old and it seems like time is flying by. What better way to track his growth, while getting super sweet family pictures to enjoy for years to come. We are using Rhona Haas Photography this time, however, there are many amazing Edmonton photographers such as our lovely friends at: Photography By Oksana, Pause PhotographyKatya Nova (who travels between the Dominican, Edmonton and other regions of the world) and Nino Roy.

Pamper Yourself:

Valentine’s Day provides a great reason to get pampered. Stay at home, take a lovely bubble bath with a glass of wine and unwind or head to the spa for some relaxing treatments. For the couples, treat yourself to a couples massage. You can find Yelp’s top Spas by review here. Looking for the perfect bottle of wine, be sure to check our Devine Wines, one of our go-to favorites on 104th Street in Downtown Edmonton.

Indulge Yourself: 

Who doesn’t need another reason to go check out that new high end restaurant or vacation in the city at a local boutique hotel. I certainly love any reason to indulge a little. One restuarant that has been on my “must try” list is Uccellino, crafted by Daniel Costa who is also the creator of Corso 32 and Bar Bricco. Love breakfast, the brunch at The Fairmont Hotel in the Empire Ballroom is a wonderful experience – you will leave feeling satisfied and full. For an overnight experience, the Union Bank Inn has a year round Romance Package . Another choice is to experience Fort Edmonton Park with a 5 Course Dinner and an Overnight Stay.

Excite Yourself:

For the sports enthusiast, take advantage of the Edmonton Oiler’s playing against the Arizona Coyotes. This game is marking an exciting chapter for the Oilers. They will be hosting, You Can Play Night becoming the first host in the league celebrating both the game and diversity as part of their “Hockey Is For Everyone Month”. As per their discussion with GlobalNews Edmonton:

Teams across the league will be holding You Can Play nights in an effort to show their support for the LGBTQ community and show young players that hockey is a safe and welcoming environment.

In a news release, the Oilers said, “In the spirit of inclusion, it’s even more fitting that our You Can Play Night falls on Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love and affection.”

“As leaders in the community, on Feb. 14 the Oilers will bring attention and awareness to Hockey Is For Everyone month during You Can Play Night to help ensure that hockey truly is for everyone,” Oilers Entertainment Group Vice-Chairman Kevin Lowe added.

All I can say is, way to go Oilers and be sure to watch out for our TruHome Ads appearing at every Oiler’s game this season.What can I say, we are big fans.

Flowers, Chocolate, Bling:

I get the typical Dozen Red Roses, however, I much prefer a more unique arrangement (besides, the prices of roses skyrockets this time of year). Zocalo in McCauley (Little Italy) always offer gorgeous, unexpected options. The shop also sells a beautiful selection of other gifts and not to mention yummy coffees. For the chocolate lover, Jacek never disappoints and offers absolutely beautiful packaging to protect their sweet treats. For another option, Loblaws City Market in the Brewery District offers a great selection of gourmet goodies. Last but not least, there is always the option of some bling. For high quality, Birks is always a favorite. Holt Renfrew also offers a nice selection.

Whatever you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, be sure to spend it with those you love and remember that the TruHome team is here to help you make some of the biggest lifestyle decisions there are – where to call home.

Roses are red, violets are blue. Looking for a new home? We’ll find one for you!





Search On The Go: Download Our Edmonton Real Estate App Today

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We can get you where you want to be. Home. Did you know that TruHome has a native app available on for download on your iPhone? Packed full of great features, this app is sure to become a go to favourite when browsing for Edmonton Real Estate on the go. Edmonton’s best option for real estate apps, explore thousands of homes for sale in the Edmonton region. Our app offers various searching options, from latest listings, to gps enabled searching and by your desired community. The Your TruHome app is there to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the Edmonton real estate market.

Find a house you want to see – let us know and one of TruHome’s experienced real estate partners will be in touch. Our goal is to make the home buying process easier by helping you find the right home and connecting you to the right real estate experts.

The Your TruHome app has everything you want when it comes to finding your Edmonton home on the go.

Key Features:

  • Browse all Edmonton homes for sale, including what is on the MLS® System.
  • Explore every type of home, from single family, to condos, to townhouses and more.
  • Search homes the way you like: Via map, communities or latest listings

Stay tuned, as we release more enhanced features. Ready to try out our app? Download our Edmonton Real Estate app here.



Edmonton Real Estate: Market Outlook

Thu, 12 Jan by Home Tribe

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Edmonton Housing Forecast that featured 3 economists (from CMHC, Alberta and the City of Edmonton) and the new chair of our board to gain a deeper understanding of what is happening in the economy overall and more specifically Edmonton. Surprisingly, all 3 economists shared similar views about Edmonton’s market for 2017. The best way to describe it would be “fairly steady” which is not a bad thing to hear considering all that has been occurring in Alberta over the last few years.

  • Edmonton will outperform Alberta due to it’s relatively diverse economy.
  • Unemployment in the Edmonton region will stabilize in the 7.5% range in early 2017.
  • 2016 looked a lot like 2015 when it came to Real Estate – Strong prices, high inventory, dipping sales

What Was The Outcome For The Edmonton Real Estate Market In 2016?

2016 Edmonton Real Estate Stats

What Are The Predictions For The Edmonton Real Estate Market In 2017?

2017 Edmonton Real Estate Predictions

So, what exactly does this mean? We are feeling optimistic about the market. It is a great time to invest in Edmonton real estate. That being said, remember, this only tells one aspect of the story, since this is only a general overview of the entire city. Each neighbourhood in the city will have it’s own story to tell. The good news, is that the TruHome team has a full time data scientist on our team to better evaluate the market to provide more in depth data and advice.

Interested in discussing your unique home buying and selling needs, be sure to connect with us today. 

5 Reasons Why Buying May Be Better Than Renting

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Renting verses buying is a big decision as there are many factors when deciding whether it is a good time to buy or not.  Typically, people often rent for many different reasons including:

  1. Some renters are afraid they may not qualify for a home.
  2. There is the convenience of knowing that everything is taken care of for you.
  3. There is a perception that often rent is “cheaper” than a mortgage payment.


Here at TruHome we believe there are many benefits to buying an Edmonton home.

Here are 5 reasons to consider:

It is important to understand your options when it comes to buying a home and beginning the home search process.  Here are some key reasons to consider buying verses renting:


screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-1-47-27-pmBuilding wealth and securing your future.  When renting you’re ultimately the one who is paying your landlords mortgage.  This may not be all that appealing.  Wouldn’t it be better to use your money to invest in your home?  Doesn’t building your own equity make more sense?

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-1-47-47-pmBuild funds for your retirement.
 The money that you invest in your home can help build funds for your retirement.  Your home helps secure your future. It is never a bad investment whether you choose to live in your home until you are ready to retire or upgrade to something bigger as your family grows. Owning a home helps you be more financially prepared.

screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-1-48-14-pmOwning provides more stability.
With a fixed 5 year mortgage you will know exactly what you are paying each month.  Unlike renting where you have very little control over rent increases. Enjoy peace of mind by knowing that your mortgage will stay the same over a set period of time.


screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-1-48-25-pmEstablish roots in a community.
Unlike homeowners, renters are more mobile, making it harder to establish roots in a specific community. Building relationships within a neighbourhood would be considered essential for most families. Being a part of a community and knowing your neighbours provides a true sense of “home.”


screen-shot-2017-01-06-at-1-47-58-pmBe seen as financially responsible.
Did you know that homeowners are viewed as being more financially responsible than renters. Building a stronger credit history has many benefits including lower interest rates, willingness of banks to lend larger amounts of money and various other perks.


At TruHome we strive to help you find that perfect home whether it be a house with that big beautiful yard or a condo where there is little to no maintenance involved. Either way, our Tru Home Team is here to provide you with the best options that work for you. 


Need more information or would you like to chat about whether renting or owning is better for you, let us know. 

Buying a New Home? Mortgage Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Thu, 05 Jan by Home Tribe



TruHome always wants to give our clients the best information possible when it comes to buying and selling in Edmonton.  We are sure you know that finding the right mortgage is often the first major step when it comes to purchasing a new home.

One of our team members was recently on the hunt for mortgage information and found that going directly to their bank was less than ideal. They felt the person they spoke to “lacked the human touch” – they wanted to develop a connection and feel that their banker would guide them through the process: stress free and easy.  To get them back on track – we wanted to connect with a likeminded person who would provide the guidance they were seeking. Step 1 was introducing them to some of the amazing Edmonton mortgage brokers we have worked with over the years. This made a huge difference with the service they experienced.

We wanted to share with you some of the outstanding insights to common questions that many first time home buyers have when it comes to obtaining an Edmonton mortgage.

What advice would you give to a first time home buyer when it comes to getting a mortgage?


” Really really understand your living budget. Know what it takes to run your home and make sure those numbers actually work for you. It is so important that you understand more than just qualifying for your mortgage. Owning a home can be affordable if you plan well. Think about how long you want to own that home and what you want to accomplish financially in 5 to 10 year increments.  Talk to someone who understands the upfront costs, and the back end costs. Treat this purchase as an investment in our overall portfolio of investments. You have to live somewhere so learn how to make money on your purchase.” ~ Yvonne Wilchewski, River City Financial

” My advice when getting a mortgage is call and let’s get you pre approved.  We can sit down and find out exactly what your price range is,  that way when you go to the Realtor you are ready.  There is nothing worse than going out and looking for a home and finding the home of your dreams, make an offer on it and find out it is way above your price range. It is what disappoints all  buyers.” – Suzette Hawkes from RBC Mortgages

“Buyers sometimes jump in too quickly before getting their ducks in a row.  Preparation beforehand is ALWAYS a good idea. Income, credit, down payment and stability needs to be addressed before the actual buying process begins.  Sit down with an experienced mortgage broker to discuss your personal situation and steps to getting pre-approved! ~ Julian Izquiredo, CIBC Mortgage

What advice would you give a person if they are worried about their credit?



Bad credit? No problem!If you are worried about your credit then come in and let’s see just how bad it is.  Bad credit is never going to go away, so let’s sit down pull a credit bureau and see what we need to do to get you back on track and ready to go. Also you may be surprised that it isn’t as bad as you thought. ~ Suzette Hawkes from RBC

“I would say let’s talk about why you are worried and explore where that fear is derived from. Let’s investigate and educate how purchases affect your credit, how payments affect your credit, and how balances affect your credit. Utilize Equifax a free service to view your credit. Lenders look at your history and your habits on your credit report. They look to see how you have managed and paid little bills and this is used as an indicator of how you will pay your big bills ( i.e., your mortgage payments)”. ~ Yvonne Wilchewski, River City Financial

“The rules of lending have changed it’s a different market now, and banks are more cautious, and more risk assessment is being done. More insurers like CMHC and Genworth are more sticky when there are blemishes on a credit bureau. Be transparent with the mortgage broker so they can understand the full story rather than experience financial surprises somewhere down the road. Also keep in mind that having poor credit or lack of credit is quite normal for many people and that it can and will get better by us providing our professional guidance to help point you in the right direction.” ~ Julian Izquiredo, CIBC

Have additional mortgage questions or want to get pre-approved for a mortgage – be sure to connect with our team today.  We can also get you set up looking for your TruHome and advice on the steps you need to take to get there.

Moving With Kids Is Anything But Simple

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Edmonton Home Buying: Helping Your Children Plan For A Move

As a new parent, I have become more acutely aware of my son’s needs as he continues to grow and develop. Through this process and talking to some of my prospective buyers it has become more apparent that talking about how moving impacts one’s children is an important conversation to have. As an Edmonton REALTOR, I also feel it is my job to provide sound advice to my clients about how they can help their children transition from the “buying a home” phase to the “moving in” process.

As every child is unique, the way they take the news of moving will vary. Some kids will be excited, while others will be worried and feel that their whole world is changing. Not all kids are good with change, so discussing the possibility of moving ahead of time is key. Be sure to chat about the concept of moving and what it means as a family. Talk about all the exciting benefits of moving, stress that their “stuff” will be coming with them and how not only can they make new friends, but how you’ll maintain existing friendships.

It is important to recognize that some children will want to be a part of the whole process, especially as they get older, while others may be better off being part of certain aspects of the move.

There are some great books to introduce children to the concept of moving including: Big Ernie’s New Home, Louis & Bobo: We Are Moving, The Berenstain Bears’: Moving Day, My Very Exciting, Sort Scary, Big Move.

Receive A Complimentary Book On Moving For Your Kids:

Researching & Finding Your Next Edmonton Home: Talk to our TruHome team about how we can help make your next move smoother and better.



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Come home to this outstanding half duplex condo located in Blackburne Pointe. Space exceeds expectations, making it perfect for those who love to entertain, yet still provides a warm, cozy feeling.  Upon entrance, you are greeted with expansive vaulted ceilings that lead towards the open concept kitchen with pantry, oak cabinets and flooring throughout the main level.  The upstairs features 3 bedrooms, including a master bedroom with a walk-in closet and three-piece bath.  The fully finished basement has been professionally designed to the same quality as the upstairs including a living room, bathroom and guest bedroom. Located in the lovely community of Blackburne you will also enjoy a great array of nearby amenities. This community is known for its outstanding natural beauty. There are several expansive public parks in the area that are very popular with outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and children. Recreational activities in the community of Blackburne include walking and biking along the pathways, while there are also playing fields for those who want to play sports. The residential side streets wind the neighbourhood, making it a quiet place to live.

This beautiful home won’t last long, contact your TruHome team today!

Price Reduction in Lovely Rosemont Place Condo! Must See!

Thu, 17 Nov by Home Tribe

There are various benefits to choosing the neighbourhood of Parkdale as your home when it comes to this 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo.  This 942 sqft. unit has been nicely painted with high quality laminate wood flooring and the main bathroom features a stand-up shower and a soaker bath. It’s located a short distance north of the downtown core and located just to the south of the neighbourhood is Commonwealth Stadium (perfect for Edmonton Eskimo fans AND all within walking distance !).Only minutes away you can benefit from the close proximity to Save on Foods, McDonalds, Subway, schools, and many other businesses and services.  Explore the community of Parkdale and see other listings here!

If you’ve been waiting for an exceptional value in Parkwood, here it is!  Talk to the TruHome Team today!


Concerned About the New Mortgage Changes?

Mon, 17 Oct by Home Tribe

Truhome mortgage specialistOver the last week, we have spoken with a few of our mortgage specialists to gain a better understanding of how the mortgage changes may affect you.   Due to the updates, a homebuyer may not qualify for as high of a mortgage as they previously could.

Now “the average home buyer will have to pass a financial stress test and qualify for the 4.64% interest rate which is about 2% over the rate they are qualifying for right now.” Suzette Hawkes from RBC explains that “this test measures whether the buyer can still afford to make payments if the mortgage rates rose to the Bank of Canada’s posted five-year fixed mortgage rate. In some cases, this means homebuyers will be able to spend $20,000.00 less on a home that they were originally pre-approved for on a prior date.”

Homebuyers that are applying for a conventional mortgage with 20% or more down will not be affected by this change.  For the home buyers that require an insured mortgage (less than 20% down) will have to go through this process.

Our recommendation: be sure to talk to a mortgage specialist to learn more about your current buying power.


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