Edmonton Family Friendly Coffee and Breakfast Faves

Sun, 18 Feb by TruHome

One of my favourite weekly things to do is to go for coffee or brunch in Edmonton. Prior to kids, we would sleep in and go to a late morning brunch, relax with a cup of coffee and some yummy comfort food. Now, with Harrison, I still love enjoying breakfast brunch, however, in order to keep him busy and give me the quiet time I’m seeking, I am always on the lookout for great family friendly coffee and breakfast places that really work for the whole family. Here are a few of mine and my team’s current favourites:

Juniper Cafe & Bistro

Located in the community of Strathern, this family-friendly bistro is warm and friendly. Here you will enjoy fresh, seasonal and delicious homemade food. For your little ones, you will be delighted with a kid-specific menu, including a “kid’s charcuterie plate”. What makes it even better though is that within the space there is a kid-friendly zone for playing and having fun.

I haven’t yet been, but according to their website, this cafe also offers great options for evenings too with a sharing menu and a nice selection of “adult-drinks”.

Live near Juniper Cafe & Bistro – Discover All Homes For Sale In Strathearn.

The Nook Cafe

If I’m not out with clients on Saturday, my go-to place to visit with my son is The Nook Cafe. Their goal is to “connect people via cozy experiences. The Nook Cafe builds community by inviting closeness through a space of warmth and belonging.” They feature classic favourites such as grilled cheese, french toast and yummy cookies – perfect for picky eaters. In the cafe, there is a wonderful play area complete with an Ikea kitchen, books and other fun toys for young kids. If I could request one thing from this cafe though it would be more hours. As a working mom, it is challenging to come here as they are typically only open during the day Monday through Friday (except Tuesdays they are open until 9pm) and on Saturdays.

Love The Nook Cafe? If you live in Downtown, Boyle Street or Riverdale – you are nearby.

Cafe O Play

Cafe O Play is a favourite hangout for both me and my kids. The kids love it because there are great toys and equipment for the young ones, without big kids getting in the way (I think the cafe is perfect for kids up to about 5 years old). The parents love it because there are amazing lattes, and you can actually get a chance to talk to other adults. A huge bonus, especially during parental leave! They also have healthy snack options at reasonable prices for the entire family. So the next time you want a break from the house, the kids are driving you nuts, you want to catch up with a friend, it’s caffeine-time, or all of the above, check out Cafe O Play!

Live near Cafe O’Play: Edmonton Southwest Homes or St.Albert Homes.

I’m sure there are other great places to enjoy good Edmonton food and have fun with your kids. Be sure to share your favourites with us!


TruHome Found – Parkdale

Fri, 16 Feb by TruHome

This buyer encompasses everything about Core Living. Her interests in hyper-local, downtown core businesses and community made this purchase in Parkdale the ideal fit.  The cutest home on a mature street, with access to the ever bustling and forever expanding Alberta Avenue will stand out in my memory for a long time.  Quick access to downtown, and long-standing residents that not only take pride in their homes but also enjoy the restoration of them and not just the infill opportunities truly make Parkdale the ideal spot.

We had so much fun helping Heather buy this home – and we can’t wait for the first summer get together in her massive yard.
Looking to buy a home in Parkdale? Check out all the great properties for sale in Parkdale here. Or, ready to sell your Parkdale home? Let’s chat!

Edmonton Core Neighbourhood’s Relationship Status

Wed, 14 Feb by TruHome

This piece was fun because we all love giving our Edmonton neighbourhoods personalities. Some of them are easy like the Whyte Avenue Strathcona area but some are just discovering who they are and it’s fun to watch. For us, we’re all about the core of Edmonton. These are the neighbourhoods we live, work, and play in and they’re communities we try and play an active role in. The music in the video is actually from Jeff Morris a local and we’re lucky that we got a chance to promote people doing cool stuff in the city.

We were really interested in understanding the neighbourhoods that we serve. Because It’s not just a house. It’s a community and it’s your lifestyle. You should have all the information available to you. And it’s going to change throughout your life so we wanted to know how our city itself is ageing and transforming.
Plus it’s pretty fun. We don’t want to take ourselves too seriously.

We’re not just experts because we live in the city but because we dive deeper into the data available to us. We’re really trying to be more than a basic Edmonton real estate experience.
https://www.facebook.com/jeffmorrismusic.ca for more.

Just Sold – Rich’s Point

Thu, 08 Feb by TruHome
When it comes to Edmonton Real Estate, we especially love when we can help people buy or sell in the:
  1. Edmonton Core Communities in and around Downtown
  2.  Lake life at it’s best, west of Edmonton on Wabamun, Lake Isle, and Lac Ste Anne.
Becoming one of the most sought-after communities around Lake Wabamun, Rich’s Point was the perfect choice for my buyers. Debbie and Mike had been searching all year for the ideal waterfront property. Since many properties are passed down through generations in this area, there is only ever a small pool to choose from, and we did not find one all summer during the quick season of listings. In partnership with Edmonton Lake Property -, we were able to get access to a home that was not listed and within hours of our buyers seeing it, they knew. A gorgeous loft home, gourmet kitchen, perfect setting for entertaining, and south facing views to ensure sun all day long.
We are so excited for them to enjoy their first summer at the lake.  Congratulations Debbie and Mike on finding your dream lakefront house! If you are looking to buy or sell Edmonton real estate or recreational real estate West of Edmonton – let’s chat!

Introducing Our Edmonton Home Buyer’s Guide!

Thu, 08 Feb by TruHome

We get it! Navigating the world of real estate can feel overwhelming for even the most seasoned home buyer. Like you, we were once first time home buyers too and often when we look back on our own journeys and ask “how could it have been better, how could we have understood the process better at that time, how can we better empower our customers in their journey…

This guide is designed to help you feel at ease and be more prepared to make, what could be, the biggest and most exciting purchase of your life.  If this guide doesn’t answer all of your questions, please let us know what’s missing or how it could be improved so that we can make sure future versions of it continue to help others.

Download our Edmonton Home Buyer’s guide here and learn more about the home buying process.

Just Listed: The View in Riverdale

Wed, 31 Jan by TruHome

Welcome to The View, and true to name, this condo has the best Views in the city. Undoubtedly one of the most unique layouts for a condo you will find on the market today. At just over 1200 Square Feet, this two bedroom, two bathroom condo is sure to impress anyone who comes in. Southwest Exposure from the large balcony looking over the lush River Valley and Downtown City landscape, ensures loads of sunlight during the day and gorgeous city light views at night. This condo is perfect for the downtown professional or a young family who wants to live in the heart of Edmonton close to everything downtown has to offer; as well a quick walk into the adventures of the River Valley. With a tandem, two parking spots, in suite laundry, 9 foot ceilings, large windows, and gorgeous open concept layout – this is a condo not to be missed – you will not find another view like this in the city. Learn more or book a showing today here!

Alternative Top 10 Edmonton Neighbourhoods

Mon, 29 Jan by TruHome

Every year, Avenue Magazine’s neighbourhood survey ranks the best and brightest of Edmonton’s communities. We see a lot of familiar faces, some up and comers and, every once and a while, a hidden gem. The issue, for most of us, is that the demand in these neighbourhoods is so high that it leads to soaring prices and homes that don’t last long on the market. What are you supposed to do if you can’t find a way into your dream neighbourhood? We asked Elisse and Caitlin to review the list, find out what makes each of the neighbourhoods special, and to give us their top 10 alternatives.


Here are our alternatives!

*We used the property type we felt most appropriate for each neighbourhood.

Try NORTH GLENORA Instead of Glenora

North Glenora, is exactly that, north of Glenora. Unlike it’s sister to the south, this neighbourhood offers post war style homes, primarily consisting of bungalows or 1 and 1/2 storey homes that tend to be less opulent then that of Glenora. For people looking for a bit more character, these 1950’s homes often features relics of the past, the ironing board cupboard, the milk box, and the original hardwood floors. What I absolutely love though is the fact that this neighbourhood is a affordable for many first time buyers and the lot sizes on most of these homes are larger (50 wide is common). What this means, is that this neighbourhood is seeing more infills being built, or what we call “skinny homes” If you are looking for a new home, they can be found, however, expect to pay a higher amount for these options.

View All North Glenora Homes For Sale or All Glenora Homes For Sale

North Glenora  Homes

Avg. High
Listed $456,568 1,050,000
Sold $444,268 $999,999

Glenora  Homes

Avg. High
Listed $812,006 $1,998,000
Sold $771,083 $1,818,500


Try OLIVER Instead of Strathcona

Oliver is absolutely stunning. Like Strathcona, it is located directly on the banks of the river. Oliver has a more density then Strathcona, with larger high rises. Despite this though, it stills has beautiful foliage on every block. Oliver is equally connected to the University with the LRT and has quicker access to downtown. Oliver is beginning to offer more of the “lifestyle” scene, that Strathcona is known for (Whyte Ave), however, if you like the energy and party scene of Whyte avenue, I don’t think Oliver will ever directly emulate that. Unlike Strathcona though which still has a good mix of houses and condos, condos or townhomes are really the only option in Oliver.

View All Oliver Condos For Sale or All Strathcona Homes For Sale

Oliver Condos

Avg. High
Listed $327,099 $1,590,000
Sold $313,569 $1,350,000

Strathcona Condos

Avg. High
Listed $423,275 $1,299,000
Sold $413,577 $1,100,000


Try QUEEN MARY PARK Instead of Oliver

Why I like Queen Mary Park: it is eclectic and up and coming. If you want a newer condo at a lesser price, this is a great community to consider. Coined as the North Edge Design district, this neighbourhood offers a variety interesting shops, restaurants and artistic endeavours that continue to pop up in this community that features an interesting mix of businesses, condos and industrial land. To the south of this community is the brewery district, Oliver square and MacEwan University. Favorite Places: dc3 Art Gallery, The Art of Cake, Amore Bistro.

View All Queen Mary Park Condos For Sale or All Oliver Condos For Sale

Queen Mary Park Condos

Avg. High
Listed $245,020 $589,900
Sold $234,584 $546,000

Oliver Condos

Avg. High
Listed $327,099 $1,590,000
Sold $313,569 $1,350,000


Try INGLEWOOD Instead of Westmount

With Westmount’s real estate prices continuing to go up, Inglewood is an attractive alternative. It is situated north of Westmount along 111st. I like that it also shares 124th street so has quick access to amenities as well. Here you will find a mix of condos, older homes, townhouses and new infill projects. There is a really great overall sense of community in the neighbourhood which is showcased at the Blue Gecko community garden.

View All Inglewood Homes For Sale or All Westmount Homes For Sale

Inglewood  Homes

Avg. High
Listed $427,945 $789,000
Sold $420,299 $760,000

Westmount  Homes

Avg. High
Listed $584,578 $1,145,000
Sold $579,297 $1,100,000


Try KING EDWARD PARK Instead of Ritchie

Similar to Ritchie, the west side of King Edward Park is situated along the Mill Creek Ravine, making it a beautiful community to embrace nature, enjoy bike rides and walks and not to mention the off leash dog park. This neighbour is also located along 75 street providing extra convenience and access to get around the city. WIth a mix of land, 1940’s homes and recently built infills, there is a nice variety of options for everyone.

View All King Edward Homes For Sale or All Ritchie Homes For Sale

King Edward  Homes

Avg. High
Listed $443,907 $869,800
Sold $438,307 $855,000

Ritchie  Homes

Avg. High
Listed $477,658 $899,000
Sold $468,526 $890,000

Try VIRGINIA PARK, CROMDALE Instead of Highlands

Virginia Park feature amazing opportunities to own a front view of the river valley just like the Highlands. Not to mention you are close enough to enjoy the lovely shops located in the Highlands and also close to the LRT and downtown. In this case Virgina Park is a little higher on average than Highlands, but is still a great alternative to consider if you can’t find what your looking for in Highlands.

View All Virginia Park Homes For Sale or All Cromdale Homes For Sale or All Highlands Homes For Sale

Viginia Park Single Family Homes

Avg. High
Listed $539,635 $999,000
Sold $496,671 $817,700

Highlands Single Family Homes

Avg. High
Listed $450,281 $995,000
Sold $438,876 $970,000

Try Strathcona Instead of Garneau

Located to the east of Garneau, Strathcona has a nice range of options from low rise and high rise apartments to more historic homes.  It is also situated close to Whyte Avenue and within walking distance or a short bike ride to Garneau. Both of these locations are popular amount university students and medical professionals who work at the U of A.

View All Strathcona Homes For Sale or All Garneau Homes For Sale

Strathcona Condos

Avg. High
Listed $423,275 $1,299,000
Sold $413,577 $1,100,000

Garneau Condos

Avg. High
Listed $394,800 $849,999
Sold $381,856 $815,000

Try CLOVERDALE/RIVERDALE Instead of Downtown

Another popular place for people seeking condos in downtown Edmonton, is the communities situated along the river such as Cloverdale or Riverdale. For condo options, both of these neighbourhoods offer a few great options featuring gorgeous river valley views and easy accessibility to the river. Cloverdale is home to Folk Fest and Edmonton’s “Accidental” beach, while Riverdale is situated beside Dawson park with off leash dog walking and the Little Brick Cafe (perfect spot for a coffee).

View All Cloverdale Homes For Sale or All Riverdale Homes For Sale or All Downtown Homes For Sale

Riverdale/Cloverdale Condos

Avg. High
Listed $366,895 $555,000
Sold $356,341 $562,000

Downtown Condos

Avg. High
Listed $342,131 $1,369,000
Sold $331,306 $1,360,000

Try RIO TERRACE Instead of Crestwood

Located in the West End of Edmonton, it too offers options along the river valley. This neighbourhood is situated between Patricia Heights and Quesnell which are also fantastic west end neighbourhoods. For those looking for a french immersion school,  The Rio Terrace School could be the perfect fit.

View All Rio Terrace Homes For Sale or All Crestwood Homes For Sale

Rio Terrace Single Family Homes

Avg. High
Listed $552,182 $1,299,000
Sold $535,582 $1,200,000

Crestwood Single Family Homes

Avg. High
Listed $930,314 $3,690,000
Sold $883,513 $3,434,200

Try RITCHIE Instead of Bonnie Doon

This community also offers a good mix between newer condos, older homes and some infill options. Located along Mill Creek Ravine and close to Whyte Avenue. Ritchie is developing its own sense eclectic style with the new Ritchie Market home to Transcend coffee, Farrow Sandwhiches and more.

View All Ritchie Homes For Sale or All Bonnie Doon Homes For Sale

Ritchie Single Family Homes

Avg. High
Listed $523,758 $980,000
Sold $514,003 $980,000

Bonnie Doon Single Family Homes

Avg. High
Listed $477,658 $899,000
Sold $468,526 $890,000

View All Virginia Park Homes For Sale or All Cromdale Homes For Sale

TruHome Found – LeMarchand Tower

Wed, 24 Jan by TruHome

I have to say that searching for properties with these buyers will stand out in my memory for a long time.  Who would not like checking out and searching for the perfect view in Edmonton?  The River Valley in Edmonton is ideal for anyone who wants to wake up and say “wow, I love this city” and the Le Marchand tower is the perfect place to start.  Elegant, stylish, and commanding – The LeMarchand condo they bought will be spectacular after some epic renovations, close to all core activities, the University and the eclectic vibe of Downtown.

Can’t wait to see the finished, ultra-modern, chic condo they are creating in one of the most iconic buildings in Downtown Edmonton!
If you are on the hunt for a great Edmonton condo in the downtown core, lets chat. Interested in the Le Marchand? See what is available here.

Just Listed: The Estates At Lakeside Condo

Mon, 22 Jan by TruHome

When it comes to adult living, this 50+ condo offers both convenience and style. Located in The Estates At Lakeside, unit 374 features a unique layout including 2 bedrooms and a den. White cabinetry in the kitchen makes it both bright and open. Close to the future LRT and easy access to both 66th street and 50th street, this home is ideal for those looking to downsize their space without downsizing their life. Be sure to check out this Edmonton condo now!

Call Elisse & Caitlin today to view 587-400-SOLD (7653)

What Constitutes An Adult Condo In Edmonton?

Tue, 16 Jan by TruHome

Over the last year, the very definition of what an Edmonton Adult Condo (in Alberta) has changed drastically. Until now, there was no legislative precedent in terms of what could or couldn’t be done when it came to set age restrictions in a condo. The NDP bill is designed to provide “families with children housing options in the new year if proposed changes to Alberta’s human rights legislation are passed”. The proposed bill includes some key aspects that are extremely important to keep in mind if buying an Edmonton condo is something you are considering this year.

Not All Edmonton Condos Will Be Affected

There are some exemptions to this bill. Most importantly, Edmonton condo buildings can set an age restriction of 55+. This is good news for many of our clients who are interested in downsizing and moving into the condo life while benefiting from neighbours in a similar age and life demographic.

The Bill Won’t Change Your Life Anytime Soon

For those condo owners that have bought into “age restricted” buildings such as 18+, these new rules will not come into effect for another 15 years. According to Hugh Willis, spokesman for the Canadian Condominium Institute in northern Alberta, he believes that the “15-year transition is a “common-sense compromise” for owners who will have to decide whether to switch to a seniors-only building or open up to families with children”.

What This Means To You

When buying an Edmonton condo it really comes down to your life over the next 5-7 years. This is typically the amount of time one owns a property so it is important to factor in all potential lifestyle factors. When my husband and I purchased our first home, which is a condo, we too had to make the decision of whether we would be okay with buying a condo that had age restrictions in place. While we didn’t know when we would consider having children, it still was in the back of our minds and I am honestly so happy we decided to purchase in a condo building that would allow us to grow as a family if we chose. We welcomed Harrison into our life 1.5 years ago and are still so happy that we made the choice of living in a condo that would welcome our son.

No one can predict the Edmonton Real Estate Market and if we had been forced to move when I found out we were pregnant with Harrison, it would not have been ideal in our lives both from the market factor but also our preference for the downtown life.

During this time though, I have also had the amazing opportunity to work with many incredible seniors (some of my 80-year-old clients) who are so full of life. For them, it was important to find a place that offered a more low maintenance style living alternative, but also a place where they could connect with like-minded individuals. Ultimately, we found them great properties in 55+ buildings where group outings, holiday gift exchanges, and card games were the norm.

At TruHome, our goal is to get to know YOU our clients and truly understand what is important in your lives. From here, we can match you with the right property.


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