Just Listed In Newton

Sun, 25 Mar by TruHome

Just Listed In Newton! This well-cared for bungalow is the ideal find for an investor seeking at the perfect rental property. Zoned RF3, in the up and coming community of Newton, the possibilities for this property are endless. Featuring, new windows, floors, paint, appliances and an updated bathroom, this two bedroom home with double garage is a great find. Learn more about this listing here or check out all homes for sale in Newton here.

Edmonton’s Underground Scene

Tue, 20 Mar by TruHome

Edmonton’s underground scene is a lot deeper than you might think. We all get stuck in our routines, and as a result, we miss out on what’s right beneath our feet. Intimate bars, cozy eateries, and all sorts of amazing venues are scattered across Edmonton’s core just waiting to be unearthed. Every year we get amazing additions, but it’s difficult to keep up so we asked our office to come up with a list of where we love to spend our time in Edmonton’s underground scene.

Redstar | 2 meters | The Local | Downtown Neighbourhood

The local. Every office needs one. The place where, when it’s been too long a week, you can access a drink in under 3.5 minutes. That time frame is really important so we’re lucky to have Redstar nearby. Sometimes you get stuck with something a bit run down with a couple of taps and that 70s parent’s basement vibe. Redstar is not that. It’s that beautiful combination of wood, kind service without the over-enthusiastic EARLitude, and too many beer options. Come check it out for yourself and see if you can figure out which table is ours on most Fridays after work.

New Tagline: Beers Beneath the Earth

Prairie Noodle House | 3 Meters | Send Noods | Westmount Neighbourhood

It’s ramen if ramen had originated on a farm straight out of a Steinbeck novel. (But like, in Alberta you know) I’m sure there are purists out there who take issue, but ramen is so perfect to adapt to the ingredients that define our province. The squad at Prairie does this purposefully. Everything we love about this shop seems intentional. Its got flavours that remind you of home, nostalgia in a broth, and an explanation for every inclusion, exclusion, and tweak to their food.  If you’re a ramen fan, drop by and check it out. If you’re not a ramen fan, I mean we don’t have much left to say to you… are you sure?

New Tagline: East of Ramen, Noodles of Wrath, To a Broth Unknown (Sorry I don’t know enough Albertan writers)

Cafe Bicyclette | 3 Meters | Winter City | Bonnie Doon Neighbourhood

This place needs even more recognition. It centers the French Quarter in Bonnie Doon and it executes winter city ideals better than anywhere in the city. Imagine if your basement was a quaint French cafe. Now make your house a mansion with a walkout leading to a sunken balcony framed in repurposed door and window frames and provençal garden party lighting. Then to keep everyone warm, lay out blankets across all the seating areas, position heaters overhead and build a fireplace that you keep running all day. It’s like a fairytale. Not enough? Just try the food. Come by on a moderate winter day and drink your coffee near the fire. I mean, I can’t make you do anything, but it snows for 8 months of the year here. Are you ready to live two-thirds of the rest of your life inside?

New Tagline: The Coffee Bar of Narnia

9910 | 3.5 meters | Hip Hop Karaoke | Oliver Neighbourhood

Like you’ve never seen before. Don’t show up the first time expecting to sing. This is a performance. Sign-ups before the event, no screens, a full stage, 99ten’s hip-hop karaoke is everything we need in Edmonton. One of the coolest nights out in town for sure. It’s a loving homage to hip-hop and an unexpectedly high-performance level. The space is gorgeous and the always have something going on if hip-hop karaoke doesn’t sound like your thing. If that is the case, maybe give your head a shake and then try again.

New Tagline: Basement Mixtapes for the Thirsty

Plaza Bowl | 4 meters | Time Machine Realness | Westwood Neighbourhood

Lanes? Where we’re going, we don’t need lanes. Okay, we still need lanes, but Plaza Bowl really is a relic of the 50s. Lovingly maintained by one family since the late 70s, it’s the most attractive bowling alley in the city. I’m sure we’ll see it play host to a Wes Anderson movie in our lifetime. Now you can grab local beers, a late night grilled cheese, and huck balls at some pins. Chase down that turkey and win a pin that you can show off to all of your friends. True to its history, Plaza is everything good about the fifty’s family legacy values without any of the generation’s human rights hiccups… Don’t forget to stretch. The stairs become a lot more difficult after 50 frames and an adventure through their beer fridge.

New Tagline: Bowling in a Bomb Shelter

A Quick Look at First-time Home Buyer Tax Credits

Tue, 20 Mar by TruHome

It’s almost tax time again so let’s look at the First-Time Home Buyer’s Credit. It’s a fairly simple process and you can claim $5000 if you meet these two standards in 2017: (according to the Government of Canada)

  • you or your spouse or common-law partner acquired a qualifying home; and
  • you did not live in another home owned by you or your spouse or common-law partner in the year of acquisition or in any of the four preceding years (first-time home buyer).

Qualifying home means…

“registered in your and/or your spouse’s or common-law partner’s name in accordance with the applicable land registration system and it must be located in Canada. It includes existing homes and homes under construction.”

The following are considered qualifying homes:

  • single-family houses;
  • semi-detached houses;
  • townhouses;
  • mobile homes;
  • condominium units; and
  • apartments in duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, or apartment buildings.

If you’re unsure of whether you qualify or just want more information, be sure to read more HERE.

Just Sold: Woodcroft Bungalow

Thu, 08 Mar by TruHome

The best feeling in the world is when you get the opportunity to help first time home buyers, especially when they are looking at homes in some of our most favourite Edmonton neighbourhoods. Kaylee and Justin were so upbeat and optimistic through out the process and we really had a lot of fun going out searching for the right home for them. The community of Woodcroft is such a great choice for them, especially the investment opportunity of the legal basement suite. Woodcroft offers close proximity to downtown, is kid friendly and features beautiful tree lined streets. This neighbourhood is a great option for first time home buyers or growing families, especially with it’s affordable average sale price of $393,473 for 2017.

Looking to buy a home in Woodcroft or would like to learn more about this gorgeous community? Search all Woodcroft homes here.

Crashed Ice Finals Are Coming This Weekend (Mar 9-10)

Tue, 06 Mar by TruHome

It’s back. One of the craziest ideas ever executed in Edmonton returns for the world championship. Pitched as “downhill ice cross”, the race involves 4 participants speeding down a steep course completely covered in ice on skates. Yup, downhill skate races are a thing and you need to see it.

The event is a huge draw. It all happens March 9 -10 at a course starting at Jasper Avenue and 96 st. and ends near the river valley below. The course itself is something to see even if you can’t get tickets to watch the races. 455 meters of sheer ice, massive vertical descents, and jumps. Yes, they actually perform jumps on skates while racing.

This one is really weather dependent as the condition of the course requires some cooler temperatures but hopefully not too cold so we can all enjoy a winter day out. SkirtsAFire is happening that weekend too and there are some scheduled events during the afternoon that would make for a great day downtown. Maybe try Yoga in the Art or a Bellydancing workshop if you’re feeling bold. The Nina Haggerty Gallery is hosting an exhibit on that Friday as well. After an afternoon downtown, pick up some coffee and head to the track!

Post Race decisions

Now that you’ve built up an appetite, is it beer, cocktails, or wine?

Tres Carnales (Beer)

Great decision. Now it’s time to head to Tres Carnales for some tacos and beer. It’s been open for a while now but this place still seems like it just opened. There’s always something new and noteworthy on the menu so make sure to convince whomever you’re with to share. There is nothing worse than staring across the table at someone thoroughly enjoying the dish you foolishly passed over on the menu. Make a pact from the beginning to ensure you don’t suffer an unnecessary FOMO.


Woodwork (Cocktails)

We like your style. Find a seat at the bar and commit to getting a hands-on education that, if you’re not careful, you may not remember tomorrow. Start with drinks and ask the bartender to help you pick something if your heart’s not already set. You’ll end up with an incredibly well-balanced drink appropriate for the season which a lot of us stuck in our ways can miss out on. (I unapologetically pretend it’s constantly summer in my mind) Now that you’ve got a drink going, order some food and settle in for the night. It’s one the most relaxing evenings you can have. Good drinks, a beautiful space, and the smell of their wood-fired kitchen.

Tzin (Wine)

Can’t go wrong! Time to book a spot at this cozy wine bar because it fills up fast. Pick a bottle to share with your group and then just fall into a long conversation about Russian authors or some other stimulating topic of your own choice… The Tapas is pretty good here and you should try as much as you can all handle. Spread it out through the night and take snack breaks when the Chekhov discussion gets too heavy. It’s important to pace yourself so that you can complete the entire menu marathon. Good luck.


Hopefully, we’ll see some of you out and about this weekend. Come say hi if you see us!

Crashed Ice Info


Just Listed in Klarvatten

Mon, 05 Mar by TruHome

Welcome Home to Klarvatten and this lovely 2 Storey home with finished basement. Walk in and view this well-kept home featuring a dedicated living room and kitchen space complete with kitchen island, pantry and updated Stainless steel appliances. Enjoy the natural light from your south facing backyard complete with large storage shed and double detached garage that backs onto Klarvatten park. Upstairs, you will discover 3 bedrooms with the master bedroom boasting a 3 piece ensuite bathroom and a walk-in closet. Adding to the beautiful appeal of this home is the fully finished basement complete with yet another bathroom and places to sit back and relax. Perfect for a young family with a quick walk to schools, parks and green spaces including a huge sports field with a soccer pitch and baseball diamond. This truly is a move in ready home boasting everything you would want and need!

See the listing HERE

A Day in the Life: Ritchie

Thu, 22 Feb by TruHome

A Day in the Ritchie Life

It’s pretty this morning. Fresh snow, excessively large snowflakes, and all of the other things that help us forget how harsh Edmonton winters can get. At Ritchie Rich (that’s our house) we start our Saturdays with coffee and the premier league. It’s a tradition founded on my dog’s inability to wait past 8 AM for breakfast.

This is Zelda. Zelda likes food. Zelda doesn’t suffer fools.

The most important thing to remember about perfectly snowy days is that they’re best experienced at alternating intervals of outdoor and indoor activity. You don’t need much, but make sure you have warm clothes in layers and large windows (preferably near a fireplace).

When we were looking for houses 3 years ago, we knew we had to be close to the Mill Creek Ravine for the pup. Well worn trails line the creek and the bridges cross and recross the creek for miles. It’s quiet early in the morning if you don’t want company, and you can explore the ravine for hours.  

Okay, dog done.


Another important thing to remember about snowy days is that they require warm food and drink. Most experts agree that your consumption levels should directly correlate to the type of day you expect to have. For example, today I expect to spend a moderate amount of time outside, several hours walking, intermittent periods of social interaction, and in a state that fluctuates from hungry, to sleepy, to curious, to excited in no particular order. As such, the logical next step is brunch at Tasty Toms.

Tasty Tom’s

It’s incredible what too much food and a little something in your coffee can do to help your day along. This is the spot and there’s almost nothing I wouldn’t order on the menu. Play it safe with the standard breakfast or really commit to it with something like the chilli cheese omelette. If you’re stuck on breakfast, come back another time to try the burgers.

The people running this shop are amazing so drop by and say hello some time. Speaking of amazing people, check out this brunch crew. It’s the moment you’ve given up on finishing your meal and forced yourself to finish your 3rd coffee (because coffee is life) that you look up surrounded by friends and realize that it’s really simple to keep humans happy. Seriously, don’t miss Tasty Toms.


I thought I’d spend some time exploring the shops around here this afternoon. Alhambra Books is the easiest place to get lost so why not start there!
It’s best to come into places like this without an end goal. No title. No author. No genre. Flip through the shelves, read a few pages here and there, and then just take one based on its cover. Even if you don’t like it, it will make you try something new and it’s unlikely going to cost you more than $4.

Tall overflowing shelves, books stacked to the rafters, and overloaded tables make Alhambra one of my favourite places to hide out. It’s been quiet recently so I don’t feel as weird sitting in the rows exploring new authors. It reminds me of library visits when you were a kid. This place is special. Maybe it’s the smell of old books, or just that the owners are holding onto that same feeling I am. Please come and see it.

La Boule

Don’t judge me. Going to La Boule is part of this assignment. It’s my job to stop and get some carrot cake. Look how perfect their display is. Would you have wanted to miss it? Okay, it’s a must visit spot in Ritchie. Thanks to my colleague Sarah for the heads up!

Warp 1

Warp checks a lot of boxes for me these days. I don’t read a lot of comic books but I’m obsessed with board games and D&D. I recently started a campaign in our office and I wanted to get a reward for my new players. They’ve created some hilarious characters but they’re missing dice so this makes sense.  Come by and see it for yourself. If you’re looking to try something, I think they do drop in evenings for a bunch of different games


ACE Coffee

ACE isn’t normally open but since it’s the weekend we get to see the space and get another coffee. It’s like an inverted ark that houses coffee and donuts! I’m not sure who designed this place but they’ve drastically improved my weekend routine. You can come by to try the coffee Friday to Sunday but they’re busy doing other work during the week.





It’s the local. Ritchie Market’s quickly become the center of this neighbourhood. This is the place that feels the most like Ritchie to me. You run into your neighbours over drinks or get caught in the puppy party outside Transcend, and it just feels like it’s always been here. Blind Enthusiasm brews out of the market as well so you can follow along as they try out new ideas and perfect your favourites. (and they do growlers so you can get a little to go!) The market is also home to ACME meats so Biera has an incredible offering and the partnerships make me happy to be in a place working together.

Bok Choy for sure. Lot’s of drinks. An unnecessary dessert. You can’t go wrong. Just come and enjoy the space, bring some friends, drink some beer, and meet all the neighbours!

There are obviously a ton of amazing shops left out of this day just because of time constraints, pant waist constraints, and my current brunch preferences. I love Ritchie. Yes, it’s central, it’s well serviced, there are a ton of things to do, but, that’s not it. It fits my lifestyle and I feel connected to the people here. I’m so glad we moved here and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Justin Quinn is the director of marketing for TruHome. He’s committed to bringing a strong community focus to our marketing efforts and increasing transparency in the Real Estate Industry. He has lived in the Ritchie neighbourhood for the past three years and obsesses about all things food and drink in Edmonton.

Just Listed in Forest Heights

Mon, 19 Feb by TruHome

Welcome to luxury in Forest Heights. This fully redesigned home is perfect for the urban professional or growing family. With three bedrooms, two full baths, bonus loft area, and gourmet kitchen – you will not be left wanting anything. Detached two car garage, fenced yard and corner lot – you will have all the space needed to start a new life in this highly desired neighbourhood. Brand new windows, concrete countertops, stylized light fixtures, and hardwood floor make this home, the home not to be missed.

Renovations were completed by Revive Developments whose focus is to “breath new life” into older properties. This was the second project they took on in the community of Forest Heights, however, their updated creations can be found in many popular neighbourhoods including Capilano, Glenora and Laurier Heights.

View this Forest Heights listing here.

Edmonton Family Friendly Coffee and Breakfast Faves

Sun, 18 Feb by TruHome

One of my favourite weekly things to do is to go for coffee or brunch in Edmonton. Prior to kids, we would sleep in and go to a late morning brunch, relax with a cup of coffee and some yummy comfort food. Now, with Harrison, I still love enjoying breakfast brunch, however, in order to keep him busy and give me the quiet time I’m seeking, I am always on the lookout for great family friendly coffee and breakfast places that really work for the whole family. Here are a few of mine and my team’s current favourites:

Juniper Cafe & Bistro

Located in the community of Strathern, this family-friendly bistro is warm and friendly. Here you will enjoy fresh, seasonal and delicious homemade food. For your little ones, you will be delighted with a kid-specific menu, including a “kid’s charcuterie plate”. What makes it even better though is that within the space there is a kid-friendly zone for playing and having fun.

I haven’t yet been, but according to their website, this cafe also offers great options for evenings too with a sharing menu and a nice selection of “adult-drinks”.

Live near Juniper Cafe & Bistro – Discover All Homes For Sale In Strathearn.

The Nook Cafe

If I’m not out with clients on Saturday, my go-to place to visit with my son is The Nook Cafe. Their goal is to “connect people via cozy experiences. The Nook Cafe builds community by inviting closeness through a space of warmth and belonging.” They feature classic favourites such as grilled cheese, french toast and yummy cookies – perfect for picky eaters. In the cafe, there is a wonderful play area complete with an Ikea kitchen, books and other fun toys for young kids. If I could request one thing from this cafe though it would be more hours. As a working mom, it is challenging to come here as they are typically only open during the day Monday through Friday (except Tuesdays they are open until 9pm) and on Saturdays.

Love The Nook Cafe? If you live in Downtown, Boyle Street or Riverdale – you are nearby.

Cafe O Play

Cafe O Play is a favourite hangout for both me and my kids. The kids love it because there are great toys and equipment for the young ones, without big kids getting in the way (I think the cafe is perfect for kids up to about 5 years old). The parents love it because there are amazing lattes, and you can actually get a chance to talk to other adults. A huge bonus, especially during parental leave! They also have healthy snack options at reasonable prices for the entire family. So the next time you want a break from the house, the kids are driving you nuts, you want to catch up with a friend, it’s caffeine-time, or all of the above, check out Cafe O Play!

Live near Cafe O’Play: Edmonton Southwest Homes or St.Albert Homes.

I’m sure there are other great places to enjoy good Edmonton food and have fun with your kids. Be sure to share your favourites with us!


TruHome Found – Parkdale

Fri, 16 Feb by TruHome

This buyer encompasses everything about Core Living. Her interests in hyper-local, downtown core businesses and community made this purchase in Parkdale the ideal fit.  The cutest home on a mature street, with access to the ever bustling and forever expanding Alberta Avenue will stand out in my memory for a long time.  Quick access to downtown, and long-standing residents that not only take pride in their homes but also enjoy the restoration of them and not just the infill opportunities truly make Parkdale the ideal spot.

We had so much fun helping Heather buy this home – and we can’t wait for the first summer get together in her massive yard.
Looking to buy a home in Parkdale? Check out all the great properties for sale in Parkdale here. Or, ready to sell your Parkdale home? Let’s chat!

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