The Highs and Lows of Edmonton’s Condo Fees

Thu, 19 Oct by TruHome

It’s important to factor condo fees into your decision when thinking about buying a condo.

Unexpected costs can really mess up a budget. A little miscalculation or a few unknown expenses can compound and either ruin a well laid out plan or stretch your budget to an uncomfortable level. The more of these you can avoid, the more enjoyable buying an Edmonton condo is going to be.

We know you’re busy, and there is an overwhelming amount of information from an equally overwhelming number of sources. How are you supposed to process it all and find exactly what you need to know? Don’t worry about it. We’re constantly collecting this information to support and inform Edmonton’s buyers; so, let us do the hard work for you.

We looked back at the last few years to see what condo fees were for condos for sale in the Downtown and Oliver areas. We took the median price for each condo building, although some only had a single condo. We hope this will give you a general idea of the condo fee per building.

Most of the condos had information on condo fees. However, if you do not see a condo that you’re interested or you have any questions, please contact us so that we can help you get this information. Different condos will provide different services or amenities with these fees, and we can also help you get this information.

Downtown Condo Fees

The lowest condo fee we found in Downtown was at Ultima, which was less than $300/month. The highest fee was at Valley Towers, with a median fee over $1000/month.

Less than $400/month

$400 – $450/month




More than $600/month

Oliver Condo Fees

The lowest condo fee we found in Oliver was at The Five, which was on average $200/month. The highest single condo fee was at The Carlisle at over $2400/month.

Less than $300/month








Greater than $650/month

While this gives a general idea of what each condo charges in condo fees, keep in mind, it isn’t that simple. Not all condo fees include the same things (ex. heat, water/sewer, landscaping, management etc). Each condo also varies based on costs due to long-term maintenance and number of units per building.

Which Edmonton Neighbourhoods Are The Most or Least Dense?

Fri, 22 Sep by TruHome

At TruHome, we are interested in the makeup of Edmonton, so that we can provide our clients with all the information they need to buy or sell their home.

Which areas of the city do you think are the most dense in Edmonton?

In order to do this, we calculated the density as the number of people living in a square kilometre (km²) in each neighbourhood. So what exactly is a square kilometre? To give you an idea of what a square kilometre is, we measured the area of a typical block in Garneau. Approximately 30 blocks would fit into 1 km². Therefore, in Garneau, about 340 people live in each block. Although city blocks do not stay consistent in size in Edmonton, this gives you a feel for what these numbers mean.

Typically, the more dense communities  have apartments and other higher density living options.

Most Populated Edmonton Neighbourhoods

1) Garneau (11810 people/km²)

With a total population just shy of 10k and a smaller area of only 0.8 km², this neighbourhood is the densest in Edmonton. When one thinks Garneau, the University of Alberta is often talked about. This neighbourhood is a hot location for students, professors and those who like the eclectic energy Garneau offers. Situated along the river valley and surrounded by 109th Street and 82 Avenue, this neighbourhood is a perfect place to enjoy good cafes, great food and be inspired by the historical and modern attributes of the university.

2) Oliver (10647 people/km²)

With almost double the population of Garneau but also double the land area, Oliver is the 2nd most dense neighbourhood in Edmonton. Again with many apartments in this region, this is no surprise. Located on the northern side of the river, Oliver is 1 LRT ride away from the university. In Oliver you will find a diverse population ranging from students, to professors, to business professionals, to young families. People love Oliver for the beautiful greenery, the close walkability to the core, the amenities and quick transportation routes.

3) Boyle Street (7647 people/km²)

Boyle Street is situated to the east of downtown, Edmonton. The city of Edmonton has large aspirations for this neighbourhood and are actively developing The Quarters here as well as the new LRT line. Boyle Street offers a wide range of options when it comes to affordability of homes. While still largely apartment style, there is a mix between newer high-rises along the river to low rises. This neighbourhood is walkable to the Stadium and provides a quick commute to downtown.

4) Callingwood South (7132 people/km²)

With West Edmonton Village, one of Edmonton’s largest multi-unit complexes, this neighbourhood is the most dense area outside of the city’s core. However, it is still almost half the density of the top spot Garneau. Callingwood South is close to West Edmonton Mall and boasts an excellent farmer’s market each week during the summer/fall months.

5) Cromdale (5737 people/km²)

Cromdale is the smallest region of the top 5 densest neighbourhoods, at only 2059 km². So even though only about 2000 residents call this neighbourhood home, many live in more dense homes such as apartment buildings. Situated to the east of Boyle Street, it too offers great commutability, close to the Stadium LRT, Save-On Foods, the river valley and more.

Some other neigbhourhoods were just shy of the top 5, including Downtown (with over 12,000 Edmontonians calling it home), Strathcona and South Terwillegar (both with almost 9000 residents).

Least Populated Neighbourhoods

Excluding industrial areas as well as areas on the outskirts of the city not yet fully developed, the least dense neighbourhoods in the city in 2016 were:

1) Cloverdale (839 people/km²)

With large portions of this neighbourhood covered by park space, it makes sense that Cloverdale is the least dense area of the city. Beautiful Gallagher park, with it’s amazing views of downtown, is the setting for the prestigious Edmonton Folk Music Festival. Located just south of the river, with a mix of condos and single detached houses, this is a beautiful neighbourhood for those that want to live in the centre of the city, close to Downtown.

2) Westbrook Estates (928 people/km²)

Again most of this neighbourhood is occupied by green space, this time by The Derrick Golf and Winter Club. This private club provides family friendly year-round activities, including golf, tennis, swimming, cross country skiing, and curling. Most of the architecturally designed homes in this neighbourhood are situated on large lots backing onto either the golf course or the picturesque Whitemud Creek Ravine.

3) Rossdale (954 people/km²)

Although debatable to include in the top 5 since a large portion of the neighbourhood is taken up by the power and waste water treatment plants as well as the RE/MAX baseball field, we included it since this is a well known mixed residential area in the heart of Edmonton. Rossdale is one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, now mostly made up of apartment buildings with a small portion of single detached homes. Some of these homes are over 50 years old!

4) Prince Rupert (1128 people/km²)

With the old municipal airport to the east, it will be interesting to see how this older neighbourhood changes as the Blatchford Area is converted to residential. The innovative Blatchford Area design is focused on sustainability and community, with about 30,000 residents expected to live there at it’s completion. Prince Rupert is an affordable option for people looking to live central right now. It is especially close to Kingsway Mall, NAIT, and the Royal Alexandra Hospital.

5) Richford (1282 people/km²)

With a population of only about 760 people and a land area of only 0.6 km², this area is again low in density because of lots of green space. Richford has Ellerslie Rugby Park plus the Blackmud Creek Ravine along its boundaries. Close to the Anthony Henday for commuting around the city, this neighbourhood has a mix of apartments and single detached homes.

What do you think of the most and least dense regions of Edmonton? Would this affect where you decide to live? If you have questions or are looking for guidance on buying or selling Edmonton Real Estate, get in touch and let’s chat.

Data Source: 2016 census data from the City of Edmonton

Disclaimer: The data included on this website is deemed to be reliable, but is not guaranteed to be accurate as we are relying on data insight from 3rd parties. 

Will My Edmonton Home Flood?

Wed, 09 Aug by TruHome

Understanding Edmonton’s Flood Maps

At TruHome, we aim to provide our clients with the information needed to make educated choices about buying a home in Edmonton. In 2017 there has been much talk about the release of the Edmonton flood maps and what they mean. One of the most common questions we get related to this topic is: What are the chances of my house flooding?

Of course, the reality is that no one can fully predict the future. However, it is possible to understand how at risk your home may be and what you can do to reduce the chances of flooding.

Understanding Drainage Systems

Flooding can be caused by a variety of factors. The first factor to look at is the City of Edmonton’s drainage system.

During severe rainstorms, the City’s current drainage system can be overwhelmed, leading to potential basement flooding and/or dangerous amounts of water pooling on streets and roads.

After severe storms in recent years, the City of Edmonton decided to proactively study flood mitigation. This research completed by the City primarily concentrated on Edmonton neighbourhoods built before 1989. The reason newer communities were not reviewed is because they have different drainage systems that are expected to be able to handle more severe storms.

The city modelled a large four-hour rainstorm over each area, which is assumed to be the worst-case scenario for rainfall for Edmonton. Two different issues were looked at in the model: surface ponding and surcharge depths.

We have highlighted the results of this study below. However, more information about Edmonton surface ponding and surcharge depths can be found at the City of Edmonton Data website

Understanding Surface Ponding

Surface ponding reflects how deep the water would be on the street during a severe rainstorm. The City of Edmonton’s acceptable standard is <0.35m, which is displayed as green on the map below. Orange corresponds to water that would reach half-way up a car, while red indicates water reaching just over the hood, and maroon reflects an even higher depth.

Understanding Surcharge Depth

Surcharge depth demonstrates how full the City of Edmonton’s pipes would get during a high volume rainstorm. As the pipe over fills, the extra flow of water may increase the chance of basement flooding. Red indicates that the pipes are at their capacity.

Historical Flooding

The City of Edmonton has also mapped out all reported historical flooding. To view your Edmonton house with all three pieces of data together, refer to the maps provided by the City related to Edmonton Wide Flood Mitigation

While this data provides a general idea of what could result on your street, this does not mean it will work exactly as predicted. That being said, the model seems to match up with flood history, and is still a valuable tool to understand where the problem areas in the city may be.

Future Direction

The City of Edmonton council reviewed the flood mitigation study last month, and have decided to move forward with a further risk-based analysis. This is expected to be released in August 2017.

The goal is to figure out the optimal sharing of risk of these extreme storms between the City of Edmonton, insurance companies, and disaster response to be allocated from the federal and provincial tax dollars.

The City of Edmonton is planning to allocate some level of infrastructure funding to help with flood prevention, but at some point it “might cost less to deal with the problem when it happens, if it happens” stated city councillor Ben Henderson , Ward 8 when he was interviewed by the Edmonton Journal.

Understanding River Levels

Another factor when it is comes to flooding is due to the rise of the river’s levels. There have been occasions where some neighbourhoods have been blocked off to non-residents due to high tides. This can certainly cause some alarm.

You can check out Edmonton’s Flood Hazard map to see where the flood hazards for the river and creeks are. Also, if you live in Cloverdale, Riverdale, or Rossdale, you can sign up for Edmonton’s storm and river level alerts.

Steps to Take

After checking out the potential flooding risks related to your home, what can you do? There is excellent information on the City of Edmonton website about flood prevention tips. You may also be eligible for a backwater valve grant. Finally, you can also get a free flood prevention home checkup by calling 780-944-7777.

Protecting Your TruHome

There is a risk with living in any building anywhere in the world. At TruHome, we want to help you be informed and aware of the risks involved and how to possibly reduce those risks.

Have questions or looking for guidance on buying or selling Edmonton Real Estate, get in touch and let’s chat. 


Promoting Fair Laws For Edmonton Condo Owners (& Alberta)

Fri, 28 Jul by TruHome

Tonight, the government of Alberta hosted an Open House to discuss how they can “help guide modern, fair laws to protect condo owners and support responsible governance of vibrant condominium communities”. The Open House provided attendees to learn about specific topics such as:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Condominium Documents
  • Voting Procedures and Meeting Minutes
  • Insurance Requirements
  • Financial Considerations
  • etc.

Due to the complexity of these amendments, Alberta plans to role these new updates out in phases. As a team that sells a great deal of condos and with some of us choosing to live the Edmonton condo lifestyle, we feel these topics are extremely important both to current owners and potential home buyers.

Stay tuned, as we break down these topics further and/or visit for more info on Alberta’s Condominium Consultation.


DIY Courses to Personalize Your TruHome

Tue, 11 Jul by TruHome

Don’t Buy. DIY

If you have an interest in the DIY world, check out the newly opened DIY Workshop, located just outside Edmonton in Nisku. This innovative space allows members of the public to fix and create almost anything. This is an inclusive space, open to people of varied walks of life and abilities.

Put Your Skills to Work

The company’s industrial warehouse is equipped with a metal-working area, woodworking area, vehicle bay, space for machining, electronic lab, 3D printing equipment, and a computer lab. Simply buy a membership and then pay for a selected course or the time you need to use the space.

If you have a project or idea in mind but aren’t sure how to use everything – not a problem! The DIY Workshop offers courses and instruction on all of their equipment and processes.

Get Classy

Need a little more help to get you started? Sign up for one of their ongoing classes. Some of the topics include: Table Saw Basic, Vehicle Maintenance for Ladies, Home Maintenance (replace a toilet , replace a faucet, install a light fixture) Soldering and Electronics, and Parent/Kid Make a Birdhouse. 

Stop By & Create

This company is a true technology innovator in the Edmonton region and valuable resource for anyone who wants to create their own projects . Be sure to visit their website or stop by in person to learn more about how the DIY Workshop can help you complete your own DIY projects to make your space Your TruHome




Purchasing Properties for Your Post-Secondary School Children

Thu, 15 Jun by TruHome


Does your child plan to attend a post-secondary institution once they graduate from high school? If the answer is yes, then it’s never too early to start thinking about purchasing an Edmonton investment property they can live in while attending school.

Whether you are looking for a second property you can rent to family, or you desire a well-maintained home your children can live in (and you can visit!) while attending college or university – there are a variety of options available in many central Edmonton neighbourhoods.

Step One: Determine Your Budget

There are a host of variables at play when choosing the right property, so determining your budget from the get-go will help you zero-in on finding the perfect place.


Remember that properties closer to post-secondary institutions are often easier to rent, which also makes them more expensive to buy. So if price is a concern, consider looking for places on direct transit routes within a reasonable commute from the school. This will increase your options and provide more opportunities for getting a better deal.


Another factor to remember is to budget between $300-500 per month for condo fees.


If close proximity to school is more important than the price point, try looking for places built with solid construction and multiple bedrooms close to your preferred post-secondary institution. Properties with well-maintained character and curb appeal will help set you apart from other market properties when the time comes down the road to sell.


Step Two: Map the Commute

Again, it is always a great idea to purchase housing for post-secondary students close to major transit routes. This will increase the chances of finding other student tenants if your child will have roommates.


Surprisingly a typical commute using transit in certain neighbourhoods can be shorter than driving and parking. Google Maps is an excellent resource for verifying a true commute time. For example, Queen Mary Park is a 20 minute transit commute to the U of A compared to a 30 minute commute from Ritchie – even though they are on opposite sides of the river.


Step Three: Identify Parking Needs

If you are in need of permanent parking, remember that heated and underground parking can add some extra costs to the purchase price. However it may be a gain when it comes to resale. You can find some good deals in older and smaller buildings with outdoor parking. If it is a house with an older garage, you might want to consider rebuilding a garage suite to add more value and rental opportunities to your investment property, while also solving any covered parking needs


If you plan to buy a condo, determine if an elevator is essential, as this will help you focus your search. 

Step Four: Elbow Grease + Creativity = Good Value

If you have the skills, doing cosmetic improvements and renovations as a family can save a lot of money, and will also give your child the opportunity to personalize his/her space. Look for properties that could really be improved with some new flooring, paint, and modern light fixtures. Not only will you get some added-value down the road, it could also turn out to be a really memorable bonding exercise with your adult (or soon-to-be-adult) child.

Step Five: Make Some Room For Sharing

When it comes to bedrooms, it is always a great idea to have at least one extra bedroom for a potential roommate, and even more if you plan to visit often, or if you have multiple children who plan to share the home.


It’s helpful to look for properties with bedroom layouts that have more privacy between bedrooms. Other “must-haves” include a functional kitchen with adequate storage space, and at least one bright and spacious communal space. In-suite laundry that is organized for shared use can be a real bonus for busy post-secondary students.


Step Six: Identify House Rules Before Move-In

Once you have purchased the property, sit down with your child (or children) and discuss expectations of the living arrangements prior to them moving in. Writing out the rules, terms of agreement and  expectations will help keep everyone on the same page and will reduce conflict and misunderstandings.


Here are a list of some relevant topics for conversation:


  • Is the housing only available while the child is attending school?
  • What will the rent be and when and how should it be paid?
  • Will a security deposit be required? How about for roommates?
  • Who gets to decide the appropriate roommates?
  • Are overnight visitors allowed?
  • Who will take care of renovations and fixing problems?
  • Who will pay for the utilities and maintain any outdoor spaces?
  • What are the rules for parents stopping by and entering property?
  • Are romantic partners allowed to move in? Will they need to pay rent, and how much?
  • What are the building by-laws regarding pets, smoking, children and long-term visitors?


If you are considering purchasing a property for your child or children attending an Edmonton post-secondary institution, the TruHome team can help you choose the best options when it comes to condos and homes in some of these Central Edmonton communities: Downtown |  Oliver | Queen Mary Park | Garneau | Strathcona | Ritchie

Edmonton Hosts National Open Data Conference

Tue, 13 Jun by TruHome


TruHome Inc. is excited to be part of the Canadian Open Data Summit (CODS) 2017, taking place this week in Edmonton at the Chateau Lacombe Hotel.


This is the first time Edmonton is hosting this prestigious international conference, drawing some of the most knowledgeable experts relating to open data and open government communities.


As many as 400 open data enthusiasts from federal, provincial and municipal government; Policy makers, private business; Civic technology groups, academics, and students interested in the growing field of open data are all expected to attend.


So just what is open data anyway? The CODS describes it as “a practice that makes data freely available, easy to access, and most importantly, simple for the public to use in machine-readable formats.Open data can be freely used, re-used and redistributed by anyone.”


According to Elisse Moreno, realtor with Truhome Inc., open data will be a huge part of the real estate revolution in Canada – allowing private citizens to make better informed decisions about the cities and houses they choose to call home.


“Our team is excited to be speaking at the conference,” says Moreno, a long-time member of both Edmonton’s tech and real estate communities. “The more open cities are, the easier it is for citizens to become educated about issues relating to the biggest financial decisions of their lives,” Moreno explains.


“Open data is providing more accurate answers to questions about issues such as flood concerns, neighbourhood growth and development forecasts, infrastructure plans and neighbourhood profiles.”



This year’s conference will focus on open data analytics, partnerships and crowdsourcing.
To learn more about how the use of open data is helping Canadians buy and sell homes, contact Elisse Moreno at TruHome Inc.

Adding Texture to Your Walls

Thu, 18 May by TruHome

Love your space but want to make it feel more like your own? Try adding texture to your walls and get an instant feeling of personalization.

 Whether you’re renting, renovating, or the proud new owner of a home, here are some simple ideas to help make your space your TruHome.


Get Your Wallpaper On

Fashion designer Bridget Smatlan of Fridget Apparel brings her design skills off the runway and into your home with her custom wallpaper installation service Tops Wallcovering. The savvy designer has an eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to using correct adhesives and surface preparation techniques. If done correctly, wallpaper can add an instant boost and focal point to any room.

Art for the Commitment-phobes

Looking for a more low-profile way to give your walls a little je ne sais quoi ? Edmonton-based Oliver Apt. designed a series of magnetic frames to hold your beloved art, music posters, and prints. The Prof. Prints series retails for $30 CAD and comes in three sizes and the choice of white ash or walnut finishes. Each kit includes countersunk holes to screw directly to the wall, as well as gold and white twine for hanging.

Plaster on the Warmth

Who says green living can’t be fashion-forward too? High Street’s Carbon Environmental Boutique proudly carries the American Clay line of natural earth plaster. These non-toxic plaster finishes come in a wide selection of earthy-tones, and can be applied on traditional wall surfaces – adding warmth and texture to your living space.


Hang Some Modern Nostalgia

Macramé is back in a big way, and nobody knows how to use it better than interior designer Julie Adams from Of Quartz Interiors. Check out her website and sign up for one of her plant or wall hanging workshops to make your own macramé work of art. You can also purchase ready-made wall hangings from her online shop.


Finnish with Fabric

Sometimes the simplest solutions can make a big (and memorable) impact. This is definitely true when it comes to using textiles as art. If you want a temporary solution to add colour and texture to any size of wall, try framing fabric and watch how it instantly transforms a space. We are especially in love with the selection available from Finnish design company Marimekko.

Meet Your Edmonton Mom Bloggers

Mon, 15 May by TruHome

This weekend we celebrated Mother’s Day, and all of us @TruHome would like to recognize the important roles mothers play in our lives. Mothers are as diverse as the places we call home. So whether your mom was a working mom, a homemaker, a world traveller, a nurturer, a logician, a sophisticated lady, a warm hug, a corporate powerhouse, the life of the party, or a little bit of all; one thing is true – she is worth celebrating.

To mark this special occasion, we asked Edmonton blogger Rachel Jones @Edmomton if we could share her roundup of favourite Edmonton mom bloggers. Be sure to check out Rachel’s other posts to learn more about what’s happening for moms in YEG. You can also follow Edmomton on Facebook & Instagram.


If you are a mom or mom-to-be looking to buy or sell a home, give TruHome team member and#yegdt resident mama Elisse Moreno a call. You can also  check out listings in these great Central Edmonton neighbourhoods: Downtown |  Oliver | Queen Mary Park | Garneau | Strathcona | Ritchie



Since starting Edmomton, I’ve discovered sixteen local mommy blogging mavens: Carole, Sarah, Christine, Dajana, Lori, Jennifer, Teela, Hannah, Orane, Lindsay, Kimberly, Kristina, Marisa, Athena, Chelsey, Jessica and Krysta.


Some have built huge followings over the years, and some are fairly new, breaking ground with some punchy material. Get to know them through their writing.These moms share intimate, brutally honest, funny, useful, trendy, on point, brilliant, sweet and straight-forward stuff. They reveal the honest truth about motherhood. They provide answers to questions. They share exciting ideas. They’re creative and wonderful. 


I bet you’ll love them as much as I do.


-Rachel Jones



In no particular order, here are my Top 16 Local Edmonton Mom Bloggers:

1 | Carole Anne Devaney – My Writing Space


If you watch Global News on weeknights at 6 o’clock, you’ll recognize Carole Anne. She co-hosts and is a well-known anchor in Edmonton. She became a momma in 2014, and just announced her second pregnancy on her new blog, where she shares “the good, bad, and the ugly” about her life as a working mom. In 2009, she moved from Ottawa to Edmonton to become a reporter with CBC, and never looked back. Her blog has been 5 years in the making, and is a cheerful, poignant read about new motherhood. I love her newest post, Dear Trolls.

Follow Carole Anne on Facebook & Instagram.


2 | Miss Sarah – Many Unexpected Detours


Sarah Chan is an incredible and spirited person — she’s a piano teacher, volunteer, community leader, gala organizer, mom of Dexter (7) and Alice (4), and wife to Mayor Don Iveson. She lovingly refers to her clan as the “Chiveson” family. As a long-time personal blogger, Sarah shares details about the projects she’s working on, her passion for biking, what’s going on in her family life, and her current social advocacy efforts. If you read her blog, you’ll get know her better, and learn a little bit about what she’s involved with in our community.

Find Sarah on Instagram & Twitter.


3 | Just Another Edmonton Mommy


I adore Christine — the down-to-earth momma of three who was born and raised in Edmonton, loves this city, and puts her heart into her blog. She shares tips, recipes, date night ideas, and anything cheap, free, or feasible for all sorts of like-minded families. Living locally is her specialty. One of my favourites is her list of 72 cheap and free things to do with kids this summer, here in YEG. She supports local charities and loves sharing the funniest little tidbits on her kids. Christine embodies what it’s like to be a momma in Edmonton.

Find Christine on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.


4 | Edmonton Mama

Lori Godin is a pro at saving money, traveling, finding the best shopping deals, sharing simple life hacks, and simple tips on “momming” (as she calls it). Lately, I’ve loved reading about her thoughts on parenting during camping versus at home and how much screen time kids should really have during the summer. She’s an excellent writer with a flair for sharing funny stories and travel recommendations. Lori also authors Raising Edmonton.

Follow Lori on Facebook & Instagram.


5 | All Kinds of Lovely


Dajana Fabjanovich is certainly that — lovely. Her twin boys, Luka and Oliver, were born in February of this year. They are Dajana’s  beautiful IVF miracle babies who have spent a lot of time at the Royal Alexandra Hospital and Stollery Children’s Hospital. They are now strong and healthy and growing quickly! Her blog is a charming one to read backwards, tracking life events and favourite things. Dajana has been writing for a while on food, fashion, travel and decor — but most recently, her posts are all about motherhood. Lovely.

Find Dajana on Facebook & Instagram.


6 | Bitchin’ Housewife Lifestyle Blog


Jennifer lives up to her blog namesake. She writes a witty, fun lifestyle blog all about health, nutrition, fitness, self-care, motherhood, and combining it all. On her site, she said that “we give so much of ourselves to our jobs, families and people around us, that sometimes we forget to centre ourselves.” She right, and she provides reminders weekly on her “Self Care Sunday” posts that I love to take inspiration from. You rock, Jen. Keep it up! You inspired me to paint my toenails, wax my moustache, and put on a face mask tonight.

Keep up with Jennifer on Facebook & Instagram.


7 | Night Owl Mommy


Teela is an adorable new mommy blogger here in Edmonton. She journals her DIY projects, fun ideas, crafts with her sweet daughter Harper, and anything she finds off Pinterest that’s fun and spunky. The pictures she shares are beautiful, colourful and light-hearted. She is currently crossing things off a summer bucket list and adventuring around the city. I love her blog and her style — so happy, sweet, and positive! Follow her as she chronicles the happier side of life.

Find Teela on Facebook & Instagram.


8 | The Momoirs


How cool is Hannah? Probably the coolest. She is momma to two of the cutest, cheek-pinchable boys, teaches yoga, and is a self-proclaimed wine lover. The best part — she loves to swear, is very honest, and fully exposes her true self on her blog. Through her raw, funny, and sometimes emotional writing, you can empathize with her and relate to her experiences — like her most recent post: That Time I Almost Became Famous. Hannah, thank you for being so real and up-front with the truth. We all love your posts.

Hang out with Hannah on Facebook & Instagram.


9 | Orane Boucher


Orane is a very unique and trendy momma, blogging about her life with her husband and son, and sharing many beautiful photos through Instagram. She’s originally from Paris, so has a flair for fashion, make-up, and the finer things. However, she acknowledges that life is not perfect, and pictures can be an artificial representation of life — making her authentic as well. I’ve loved reading her recommendations on rainy day activities with toddlers, where she pulls advice from her mama side.

You’ll love Orane’s aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feed.


10 | Modern Mama Edmonton & Area


Lindsay  MacDonald is the Director of Modern Mama in Edmonton and blogs frequently about weekend activities here in the city. She’s my go-to for new ideas. As the mom of two boys and one little lady — Henry, Oliver, and Elliot — she is constantly busy and having fun adventuring around the city. Lindsay teams up frequently with Leah Doyle, Director of Modern Mama in St. Albert and North Edmonton. These wonderful women are actively involved in the community, hosting annual events, partnering with businesses, talking on the local news, and finding ways to engage new and expectant mommies.

Find Lindsay on Facebook & Instagram.


11 | Inspired by Lynne


Kristina Lynne is the new momma behind the local blog, Inspired by Lynne. (FYI, Lynne is her middle name.) Kristina is self-described as an interior designer, house flipper, and lover of books and the arts. She has a obvious talent for design and the way she translates that on her blog is genius. I love reading her fashion articles, as well as taking a look through all home decor tips.

Find Kristina on Instagram.


12 | Stream & Stone


Marisa is a local blogger that covers the important topics of feminism and motherhood. She is the proud mom of a young little boy and is raising him with a sense of respect and balance. What I love about her is how honestly she writes, talking openly about sexism, how it appears in culture and society, and how things need to change. On the topics of food and body image, she can describe her experiences in a way that relates to almost anyone that’s struggled with the two.

Follow Marisa on Instagram & Facebook.


13 | The Salty Almond


Athena Raypold is a local freelance writer who is momma to precious little Fitz. He just celebrated his first birthday! I love reading through Athena’s blog The Salty Almond, linked above — she writes delectable posts on various restaurants in Edmonton and their food offerings. Most importantly, Athena just launched her own freelance writing business and is working on a number of projects. One is particular is on motherhood; it’s called Becoming.

Find Athena on Facebook & Instagram.


14 | Confessions of a Real-Life Mom


Chelsey Borys is the Director of Mommy Connections, Edmonton North & St. Albert. She writes a hilarious, down-to-earth blog of her own, all about her daily life with two little ones. This Hippy Yogi Momma describes her messy, nightmarish life, that she wouldn’t trade anything for. She’s got wine and chocolate handy in case of a bad day. She loves her coffee, her yoga, writing about delicious recipes, and sharing great resources around Edmonton (like the Reuse Centre). Chelsey also just launched the very first Dad & Baby Program in Edmonton. What a trend-setter. Love you, Chelsey!

Find Chelsey (Mommy Connections Edmonton North & St. Albert) on Instagram & Facebook.


15 | Grace & Champ


Jessica Christensen-Holt is the fabulous mama of twins behind the local blog Grace & Champ. It’s reminiscent, sweet, and real — all about mom life with twins. She intends to share it with her son and daughter when they grow up. They can read and laugh, and appreciate the Barfageddon they put their momma through. I loved her post about The Kindness of Seniors, where she wrote about a lovely older man (with a cane, carrying groceries) asked if he could help her. This was the one and only time she’d ever had the offer! For her, being a mom means bringing her family together, enjoying the moments that matter, and not trying to be like everyone else.

Keep up with Jessica’s posts on Facebook.


16 | Krysta’s Little World (Life As I Know It)


Krysta Larson-Tieppihs writes a tear-gerking mommy blog about life’s sweet moments. I first met her when we were both pregnant, about 6 months along. Krysta was about to have her second daughter, Briley, little sister to her first, Aralee. I’ve recently discovered her serious mommy-blogging and photography prowess. She is a former world-traveling Flight Attendant turned Stay-at-home Mom, who sees motherhood as her greatest adventure yet. Aralee just turned three and started preschool. She also takes killer photos of each milestone. So cute and creative!

Follow Krysta on Instagram.


*Photo of Rachel Jones courtesy of Mike Isaak Photography

Cycle Towards Your Edmonton Truhome

Thu, 11 May by TruHome


Spring is just around the corner, making it the perfect time to start preparing your two-wheeled beauty for a few months of glorious bicycle bliss.

Join the Network

If you are an avid cyclist, you will already know that construction is underway for a $7.5-million bike network that will provide seven kilometres of separated lanes for cyclists in downtown Edmonton. When complete, the Downtown Bike Network project will be similar to bike networks found in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal or other major Canadian cities.

Edmonton Bike Swap

Looking to buy, sell or donate a bicycle?  Be sure to check out the Alberta Bike Swap, Saturday, May 13 from 2:30 – 4 PM at Northlands Edmonton EXPO Centre. This annual event is a perfect opportunity to sell a bike that’s been taking up space on your balcony or collecting dust in the garage, and an awesome opportunity to get a great deal on a new-to-you bicycle inspected and ready to ride off the lot.


Tune-up for Spring

If it’s a spring tune-up that you need, you’ll appreciate the friendly service at MEC’s Bike Shop, located in Oliver. Tune-up packages range from basic to premium, or you can choose individual bike services and repairs. This is also the place to check out for unique bicycle storage solutions for your house or condo.


Hands-on Help

More of the DIY-type? Then you are going to love the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters (EBC) fully-equipped, volunteer-run community bike workshops at BikeWorks North and BikeWorks South. For a small hourly fee, you will have access to specialty bicycle tools needed to repair and maintain your bicycle, as well as access to friendly  mechanics on hand to answer any questions you may have.


Choose Your Ride

When it comes to shopping for a new ride, Edmonton is home to a variety of of bike shops geared for all levels of cyclists. Garneau’s Redbike is the place to go if you are looking for function and European style. They also have a number of group rides you can sign up for on their website. Western Cycle and Revolution Cycle carry a wide selection of mountain bikes, scooters, and road bikes. MEC and United Cycle offer bikes and other sporting accessories at multiple price-points. Also be sure to check out Velocity Cycle at the new Ritchie Market.


Thinking about moving to a cycle-friendly neighbourhood? The TruHome team can help you choose the best options when it comes to condos and homes in Edmonton’s Central communities. Be sure to explore these great Edmonton neighbourhoods: Downtown |  Oliver | Queen Mary Park | Garneau | Strathcona | Ritchie

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