From Condo to House: How to ‘Upsize’ Your Edmonton Home Without Losing Its Intimate Feel

Sun, 26 Jul by TruHome

Upgrading from a smaller Edmonton condo to a larger house can be an exciting and memorable event for anyone. There are many benefits associated with living in a large space, and these range from functional considerations like having more storage space to decorating benefits like finally having enough space to walk comfortably around all of your furniture. However, some who are preparing to make this transition may also be concerned about a larger home being too spacious. After all, a smaller space can have a cozy, intimate feel that is desirable. It is possible to upsize a home while also retaining an intimate feeling in it, and these are a few tips that can be used to accomplish this goal.

Bring Furniture Closer to Together

In a smaller room, it may have been necessary to place larger furnishings directly against the wall, such as sofas, chairs and end tables. In a large, airy room, there may be ample space available for these items to float in the room. For example, pushing a sofa, armchairs and side tables around a central coffee table or area rug in the heart of a large room can enable ample walking space for foot traffic around these pieces while also creating a sense of intimacy for those who are sitting on the sofa or chairs.

Include Warm Colours in the Rooms

Another idea is to use warm colours when decorating. Warm colours like yellows, reds and oranges can be used as accent colours or on their own as the primary colour in the room, and these can create intimacy and warmth. Cool colours like blues, greens or even stark white can have the opposite effect, so it is best to incorporate at least some warm colours into larger rooms if intimacy and cozy warmth are desired.

Add Soft Textures Through Accent Pieces

Larger rooms have a way of making those in them feel intimidated and uncomfortable at times, and a great way to overcome this feeling is to incorporate soft textures into the space. With soft textures used for throw pillows, area rugs, lamp shades and other accent pieces, a touch of intimacy can be created. These are features that can make those in the room feel more relaxed and at peace. Even in rooms where accent blankets and pillows may not be appropriate, such as in a dining room or kitchen, soft tapestries on the walls or even softer, feathery-looking features in a vase may create a warmer and cozier environment for people to enjoy.

Decorating may come naturally for some, but it can be very challenging for others. When spatial concerns are present, decorating can become even more complex. Everything from colour choices for the space to how to arrange furnishings can be impacted by the space available. Many who have larger rooms want to create a cozy, intimate and home-like feeling in those spaces. These are a few of the ideas that can be incorporated in decorating plans to achieve desired results. To learn more about how to decorate a larger space, be sure to gain more tips and advice on our blog.


An Urban Lifestyle with a Classic Vibe: Welcome to Oliver, a Historic Edmonton Neighbourhood

Fri, 17 Jul by TruHome


The neighborhood of Oliver is one of Edmonton’s oldest and most densely populated communities in the city. As you’ll soon see, these two factors make Oliver one of the more coveted places to live in Edmonton.

Oliver Is Rich In History

Named after Frank Oliver, the neighborhood of Oliver was one of the first communities to be founded in the city. As such, the area is home to many historical buildings, including the Lemarchand Mansion. Other historical buildings include the Buena Vista building and Guiles Grocery. Many beautiful churches were constructed in this area around 1914 which still remain active today. Beautiful row houses, single family dwellings, and high-rise condos are all found within this neighborhood. Amazingly, they all blend together to make a very charming community.

124 Street (Edward Street) was the commercial district for Oliver in the early 1900’s. Home to trolley cars and street cars until the end of World War II, this area always was a booming part of the neighborhood. 124 Street has recently undergone a major renovation. New brick inlayed sidewalks, street lighting, and barrels of beautiful flowers have been added to the area. This revitalization has brought life back to 124 Street.

Superior Urban Edmonton Lifestyle

One of the things that residents of Oliver appreciate most is how everything they need is within walking distance of their homes. Shops, restaurants, entertainment and outdoor activities can all be found within minutes of any area of the neighborhood. Many residents brag that they only take their car out for special occasions because they walk or ride their bicycles everywhere.

Great For Those Who Love The Outdoors

Oliver has many activities for those who enjoy the outdoors. A community pool, several parks and a community garden are all found within this neighborhood. The Victoria Promenade is located in the western part of Oliver. The Promenade is part of the Edmonton Historical Trail and provides visitors with an exceptional view of the river valley. For those who love to follow trails or simply walk around town, Oliver is filled with well-kept walkways and is very pedestrian friendly.

Perfect Combination Of Downtown And Suburbs

One of the most exciting features of Oliver is how all of the structures within this neighborhood flow together. High rise buildings are scattered amongst the row homes, giving the perfect flow to the skyline. The old railway stations have been converted to strip malls, and many of the old warehouses have been refurbished to contain beautiful apartments and unique shops. In between all of the buildings, Oliver still remains green. You will find beautiful landscaping, trees, and open green spaces. All of this combines into the perfect living area.

Something For Everyone

Oliver is also a very diverse community. This diversity brings many things to this area, including fabulous restaurants, unique shops, and many different places of worship. The many different types of residences in this area also draw people from every age group and economic background. This combination of ages and interests makes Oliver a happy place to live.

For more information about the neighborhood of Oliver, please feel free to contact the Edmonton Home Tribe team.


Edmonton Real Estate Market Insight – July 2015

Thu, 09 Jul by TruHome

Edmonton Real Estate (1)

A Recap of What Happened During the Month of June 2015:

A first for 2015, the REALTORS® Association of Edmonton has recorded an increase in year over year sales for the month. Over 2008 sales occurred for residential real estate, up 2.4%, compared to June 2014. The number broke down as follows:

  • 1243 Single Family Homes (2.1% increase from 2014)
  • 572 Condos (1.6% increase from 2014)
  • 156 Duplexes/Row Houses (11.4% increase from 2014)

Compared to last month (May 2015), sales were also up by 13%. The average days on market for June was 49 days, resulting in an average increase of 3 days more to sell.

“The reality of what we are seeing in the market is that the slight hesitation from buyers that came with the drop in oil prices is lessening. Edmonton has not been hit nearly as bad as what many predicted and buyers are becoming more confident that our market won’t plummet. This renewed confidence coupled with low mortgage rates and a healthy selection means that people are realizing that this is still a good time to buy.” [EREB] continues, “People move when their lifestyle warrants a change. This will always be true. There are always buyers and sellers, no matter what the market looks like or what analysts predict. REALTORS® are here to help you decide what move is best for you.”

Choosing to buy or sell is really about making the right lifestyle decisions for yourself. Remember, Elisse Moreno and the team are here for you when you are ready to buy or sell.

First-time Edmonton Home Buyer?

Thu, 09 Jul by TruHome


4 Key Considerations to Keep in Mind whenYou Start House Hunting!

Looking for a new Edmonton house to purchase can be fun, exciting and even a little intimidating. Many people love searching for new homes online and touring properties with a real estate team like Edmonton Home Tribe.It is often easy to imagine living in or raising a family in some of these homes. Below you’ll find four key considerations that will help you narrow down the desired properties more easily and may even reduce stress while searching for a new Edmonton home to live in.

Get Pre-Qualified First

Some Edmonton home buyers will use an online calculator to estimate a sales price that is affordable for them. However, before getting serious about house hunting, it is important to work with a mortgage company and to actually get pre-qualified. After all, this will tell a home buyer what sales price range and loan amount range they may actually qualify for. Looking for advice on an Edmonton mortgage broker to speak to: be sure to ask as we know many great Mortgage Brokers and can give you a list of recommendations.

Choose an Edmonton Home That is Affordable for your Monthly Budget

The Edmonton home that is selected should be affordable for your budget, and there are several factors that impact affordability. The mortgage payment is one of the most significant factors, but the home that is selected will also impact repair costs, maintenance needs, utilities, taxes, insurance and more. The location, age, construction type, size and other factors will all impact these expenses in different ways, and you as a future homeowner should understand what your budget is for all aspects of the overall housing expense.

Consider Your Needs and Wants

It is easy to lose track of needs and wants in a house when touring properties. For example, a buyer may walk into a truly stunning home that has been beautifully staged and overlook the fact that it does not have the amenities or a layout that are actually needed by the homeowner. Before a buyer begins house hunting, it is important for the individual to make a list of absolute needs in a house as well as desired wants.

Think At Least Three Years Into the Future

A home is not typically something that is quickly or easily sold, and there are expenses related to making it ready to sell and to selling it. With this in mind, most homeowners will not sell a home before approximately three years from their purchase, and some may not sell it for five years or longer. The home that is purchased ideally should meet the buyer’s functional needs for space as well as other defined needs now and for several years into the future.

While house hunting can be fun, it also should end with a desired result for all of the time and effort exerted. These factors all should be considered before buying an Edmonton home, and they all can help a homebuyer remain on track when house hunting. Before beginning a new Edmonton home search or as soon as possible after starting it, the buyer should think about these things.

Know that the Edmonton Home Tribe team is ready to help you at all stages of the home buying process. Wanting to explore what home is right for you? Try out our exclusive “Home Tribe Match” technology where we will show you in less than 3 minutes the best homes on the market based on your personal lifestyle.

Or contact us today to get started on us working with you exclusively to find your next Edmonton home.


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