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Buying or selling Edmonton Real Estate, the good news is that there may be some positive shifts when it comes to the economic factors at play. The economic projections for residential mortgage rates in Canada in 2024 indicate a trend toward rate reductions and a stabilization in the housing market. Here are some highlights from various expert analyses and forecasts:

Mortgage Rate Projections Interest Rate Cuts:

There’s a strong consensus among financial experts that the Bank of Canada will initiate rate cuts by the second half of 2024. These cuts are expected to be in the range of 50 to 100 basis points, bringing the overnight target rate down from the current level of 5%​​.
  • Fixed Mortgage Rates: The bond yields, which influence fixed mortgage rates, are anticipated to decrease throughout 2024. This suggests that fixed mortgage rates will likely follow a downward trend, although the exact timing and magnitude of these changes remain subject to economic conditions​​​.
  • Variable Mortgage Rates: With the projected rate cuts by the Bank of Canada, variable mortgage rates are expected to become a more popular choice among borrowers. These rates are directly affected by the Central Bank’s decisions and are likely to see reductions following the policy rate cuts​.

If you have a variable-rate mortgage, or if you’re considering buying an Edmonton home, the anticipated rate cuts could lead to lower interest rates on mortgages. This means your monthly mortgage payments could be reduced, making homeownership more affordable in Alberta. This may also increase buyer interest and competition, so our ongoing advice of buying when the time is right for you is important.

Housing Market Trends Home Price Growth:

Various forecasts suggest a modest increase in national average home prices, with predictions ranging from 0.5% to 5% year-over-year by Q4 2024. This growth reflects a stabilizing market after the rapid changes experienced in recent years. Specific to Edmonton, lower price ranges will favour more competition due to more accessible affordability.

Home Sales Activity:

Throughout Canada, an increase in home resales is expected, with predictions of a rise of around 5.2% in 2024. This increase indicates a recovering market, although it’s important to note that regional variations can significantly affect these numbers. For Edmonton, “the average price for all types of housing is expected to rise 1.2 percent overall” according to the Realtors® Association of Edmonton.


Economic Factors Influencing Mortgage Rates Inflation and Central Bank Policy:

The Central Bank’s efforts to combat inflation have led to the current high interest rates. As inflation is brought under control, the Bank is expected to lower rates to stimulate the economy. This relationship between inflation control and interest rate adjustments is a critical factor in mortgage rate projections​.

Bond Market Movements:

The bond market’s expectations play a crucial role in determining fixed mortgage rates. As bond yields drop in anticipation of rate cuts by the Central Bank, fixed mortgage rates are likely to decrease accordingly​​​.

Global Economic Conditions:

The economic environment in the United States and globally can influence Canada’s economic policy decisions, including those related to interest rates. Factors such as U.S. inflation and economic growth will be closely monitored for their potential impact on Canadian mortgage rates​.

Housing Demand and Supply Dynamics:

Canada’s growing population, coupled with a relatively static housing supply, suggests continued demand for housing. This demand is likely to support home prices and influence the mortgage market​.

In summary, the residential mortgage rate landscape in Canada for 2024 is expected to be characterized by declining interest rates, modest growth in home prices, and a gradual recovery in home sales activity.

Whether you are looking to purchase your first home, making a move due to a lifestyle transition, or seeking an investment, we are here to support your Edmonton Real Estate goals. It is never too early to discuss your home-buying or selling goals. Let’s chat today. 

9 Simple Strategies to Sell Your Edmonton Home in the Winter

Wed, 01 Nov by TruHome Inc

Winter might not seem like the ideal season to put your home on the market. Many sellers are under the impression that the cold weather, shorter days, and holiday distractions can be deterrents for potential Edmonton homebuyers. However, with the right strategies, selling your home in the winter can not only be feasible but also advantageous. Here are some tried-and-tested tactics to make your winter home sale a success:

  1. Highlight Winter Positives:
    • If your home has features that are particularly advantageous in winter, such as a fireplace, good insulation, or a hot tub, be sure to highlight these in your listing.
    • A cozy ambiance can be a major selling point. Be sure to emphasize areas where families can gather and enjoy winter nights together.
  2. Staging for the Season:
    • Incorporate warm blankets, throw pillows, and some tasteful seasonal decor to create a cozy atmosphere.
    • Use soft lighting to create a warm glow throughout the house. Consider using fairy lights, candles, and table lamps.
  3. Clear the Path & Light It Up:
    • Ensure that driveways, walkways, and entrances are always cleared of snow and ice.
    • Ensure the entranceway is well-lit for easier visibility and to provide a welcoming feel.
    • By providing a safe path, you’re not only preventing potential accidents but also demonstrating that the house is well-maintained.
  4. Use Quality Photos from All Seasons:
    • Including pictures of your home in other seasons can help potential buyers visualize the property’s year-round appeal.
    • High-quality photos are especially essential in winter when natural light may be limited.
  5. Be Flexible with Showings:
    • With shorter days, it might be challenging for potential buyers to visit during daylight hours. Offer more flexible showing times, including weekends.
  6. Set the Right Price:
    • Winter may not be the time to test the market with a high price. If you’re serious about selling, set a competitive price from the start. Seek the guidance of a trusted REALTOR®.
  7. Market Online:
    • Winter weather can deter some from physically visiting homes. Enhance your online presence with virtual tours and detailed descriptions. Make it easy for buyers to explore your home without braving the cold.
  8. Highlight Energy Efficiency:
    • If your home has energy-efficient features, highlight them. Potential buyers will be attracted to the prospect of saving on heating bills during the colder months.
  9. Capitalize on Lower Inventory:
    • Fewer homes are listed during the winter, meaning less competition. Use this to your advantage by emphasizing the uniqueness and desirability of your property.

Emphasize the Holiday Selling Point:

  • For many, the idea of celebrating the holidays in a new home is appealing. Play up this sentiment by subtly decorating for the season.

Stay Negotiable:

  • Buyers in the winter are often very serious and might be facing their own time constraints. Be open to some flexibility in order to get the outcome you are aiming for in the end.

While winter might come with its set of challenges, it also presents unique opportunities for Edmonton home sellers. By being proactive and employing the right strategies, selling your home in the colder months can be a win-win situation for both parties.

If you are considering selling your Edmonton & area home – let’s chat. Our team of Edmonton Realtors would love to help you navigate this journey.

How To Be The “Dream” Seller That Every Agent Wants To Work With

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Selling your Edmonton home is an exciting endeavour but it can also be overwhelming due to the complexities involved. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned home seller, it’s easy to make errors that could potentially derail the selling process, cost you money, or extend the time your home spends on the Edmonton market. By understanding common pitfalls, you can navigate the sale of your home more efficiently and confidently.

   Overpricing Your Home: It is normal, homeowners often cherish their homes and can overestimate their market value due to their emotional ties to the home. Pricing a property correctly from the start is crucial. An inflated price can result in your home sitting on the market longer, creating an impression among potential buyers that something is amiss. Instead, aim for a competitive and fair price, which aligns with local market trends and the value of comparable properties. Sometimes, there may even be an advantage to list below value based on your risk tolerance.


Neglecting Repairs/Updates: Every homeowner knows that wear and tear are a part of life, but failing to address necessary repairs before listing can send red flags to potential buyers. Small issues like leaky faucets or chipped tiles can signal neglect, while larger structural issues like outdated electrical, an older roof, or HVAC can significantly decrease the value of your home. We recommend conducting a pre-listing walk-through with your agent to identify items that can improve your home’s appeal and potentially increase the final selling price.


Forgetting to Stage: Staging is more than just cleaning and organizing. It involves creating an environment that helps potential buyers visualize themselves living in your home. This could mean decluttering, rearranging furniture, painting walls in neutral tones, or making aesthetic improvements. A well-staged home can create a powerful first impression and help your property stand out in a competitive market. This is something that you can discuss when you’re talking about pre-listing repairs with your agent – you’d be surprised what changes really matter and which ones may not matter as much to potential buyers. Talk with your agent about how to maximize your time and budget.


Not Accommodating Showings: Often a buyer and their agent will be seeing many homes in one appointment and scheduling can be a little like a game of Tetris where everything has to fit together just right to maximize your time. If a seller can’t accommodate the requested time (even shifting one viewing by 10-20 min can throw off the entire appointment) there’s a high likelihood that viewers will just move on to the next property.While constant showings can be inconvenient, they’re crucial to selling your home.


Not Choosing An Agent You Trust: While your agent is definitely there to provide a deep level of customer service and ensure you feel taken care of, their primary job is to apply their expertise to the sale of your home. Sometimes this means giving you unpleasant news about the current market and where your home fits in (think reducing listing price or negative feedback from showings). This kind of honest relationship takes an immense amount of trust that the person you’re working with really does have the professional market knowledge and expertise to justify whatever they’re suggesting. So when choosing an agent – ask yourself if they’ve demonstrated enough market knowledge that you’re going to trust them even if the news is not what you want to hear.


Selling a home is a complex process that requires careful planning and execution. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can increase your chances of a successful and profitable sale. Always remember that every real estate transaction is unique, and it’s always wise to enlist the help of a real estate professional who can provide valuable guidance based on their knowledge and experience. Be proactive, do your homework, and you’re sure to navigate the home-selling process with fewer hurdles. Happy selling!

Selling Your Edmonton Home? Here’s Why Pricing it Right is Key

Thu, 27 Apr by TruHome Inc

Are you considering selling your home in the Edmonton area? Pricing it correctly is crucial for attracting the right home buyers and securing the best outcome. Here are some tips we recommend considering for pricing your Edmonton home to sell:

  1. Research the market: Look at comparable properties in your area and see how much they sold for. This will give you an idea of what buyers are willing to pay and how to price your home competitively. The good news is your agent can help you with this part.
  2. Set a realistic price: While it may be tempting to list your home above market value, this can backfire and lead to a longer time on the market. By pricing your home more realistically, you will attract more potential buyers and receive offers that are close to or above your asking price.
  3. Highlight unique features: Emphasize the unique features of your home to showcase added value. For example, if your home has a large backyard or a recently renovated kitchen, make sure to highlight these features in your listing and or what you love about your community.
  4. Consult with an Edmonton real estate agent: A local real estate agent can help you price your home based on current market conditions and comparable properties in your area. They can also provide insights on how to make your home more attractive to potential home buyers.

By pricing your Edmonton home correctly, you’ll increase your chances of attracting more potential buyers and receiving offers that are close to your asking price. This can lead to a faster sale and more money in your pocket.

In Edmonton’s competitive real estate market, it’s important to stand out. Chat with our Edmonton real estate team today to learn more about how we can get your home sold in the right amount of time. Or get more insights on the Edmonton home selling process here.

9 Low Cost Ways To Increase The Value Of Your Home

Fri, 25 Feb by TruHome Inc

So you have made the decision to put your Edmonton home on the market—congratulations! The right real estate agent should be able to advise on which home improvements will benefit the sale of your home the most, but to start, here are our 10 suggestions for how to increase the value of your home!

Paint your walls & ceilings

The average price for a can of paint is $50, making this the cheapest way to transform your home with a quick turn-around time. Consider investing in a popular neutral colour to give your home a fresh, updated look. While you have the brushes out, consider adding a complimentary accent colour to make a large space feel more inviting. Sticking with neutral, inoffensive colours (we suggest avoiding neon green) will appeal to more buyers once your home hits the market. 

Upgrade your appliances

Depending what your home improvement budget looks like, you may want to consider upgrading your appliances. Many buyers appreciate the value of clean, functioning appliances, but this doesn’t mean you have to blow your budget to upgrade. 

Appliance upgrades are a considerable investment so we always recommend consulting your trusted real estate agent before you commit to upgrading your appliances. It is also important to consider what type of buyer you are planning to target when you list your home – new appliances for first-time home buyers may seal the deal, but buyers who are looking to renovate for their dream kitchen may overlook existing appliances.

Remove clutter

If you have lived in your home for quite a few years, or you caught the online shopping bug during the pandemic, chances are you have collected a few extra things. Even though it is easy to fill up every nook and cranny of your home with decor or furniture, it can be unappealing to prospective buyers who aren’t as familiar with your belongings as you are. If you don’t want to part with what you have, consider renting a storage unit or ask your loved ones if they can hold on to some stuff for you until your home sells!

Stage your home

Similar to the above, home buyers want to view homes that they can picture themselves living in. Neutralizing colour schemes, decluttering, removing seasonal decoration, and displaying inconspicuous decor is a great way to stage your home with what you have. Watch some YouTube videos for cost-efficient inspiration, or consider bringing in a professional home stager to help you out (we know a few fabulous home staging companies in Edmonton if you need a reference!).

Modify your curb appeal

When you list your home, you’ll want prospective buyers to drive up to your home and immediately be impressed—even before they step through the front door. Enhancing curb appeal can be tough in Edmonton winters, we know! Do your best to keep your sidewalks and driveways shovelled, turn on exterior lights, and ensure there is parking available in front of your home if possible. 

During snow-free seasons, keep your lawn maintained, remove dead shrubbery, and make sure any underground sprinklers are turned off during showing times.

Upgrade your lighting

Over the years we have found that people are always surprised at how much of a difference new light fixtures can make.  Lighting goes a long way — a modern chandelier, a discreet wall sconce, or an elegant floor lamp can give your space a real ‘glow up’ (haha, get it?). If you’re looking for something budget-friendly, check out Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore or Facebook Marketplace!

Replace door knobs, cabinet hardware and switch plates 

While this may seem superfluous, high-touch areas often draw a buyer’s gaze so updating these everyday items is a great way to add a bit of pizazz. Research trending styles, like brass or matte black, and find something that fits the style of your home. To take it one step further, consider matching your cabinet hardware to the style you chose for doorknobs. It can be very appealing to prospective buyers to see consistency while walking through your home. As for switch plates, replace any cracked or stained plates with new ones—these are super cheap! 

Remove your popcorn ceiling

Textured stipple ceilings, commonly known as popcorn ceilings, were a popular trend in the 1940s-1980s. Not only does a textured ceiling hold on to dust, mold, and unpleasant odours, it also makes a space look outdated. If you have the time and tools, removing a popcorn ceiling can be accomplished with a ceiling scraper, a spray bottle, protective sheets, and a ladder – but there’s no harm in hiring a professional to remove the texture and finish the ceiling with a skim coat and a fresh coat of paint! 

If you choose to remove your textured ceiling, make sure you test for asbestos or have proof that your home is asbestos free! Disrupting the ceiling like that can disturb any latent asbestos.

Do a deep clean

This one may seem obvious, but deep cleaning your home is the #1 way to get to prospective buyers’ hearts. When you have people viewing your home, there is nothing more appealing than walking into a dust-free, clutter-free, nice smelling home. Take a duster to your baseboards and door trim, steam clean your carpets, wash your walls, and clean out any cabinets with stains or clutter. You will be impressed with how much it makes a difference. 

If cleaning isn‘t something that you are good at (or want to do) there are plenty of low-cost cleaning services in Edmonton. 


We at TruHome are enthusiastic to help you get the best price for your home, always. If you are looking into putting your house on the market and finding your next place to call home, we would love to meet with you! Connect with us to get started—we can’t wait to meet you.

Regaining Your Garage Space

Thu, 21 Oct by TruHome Inc

Whether you’ve moved into a new home and have to find a place to put all your belongings, or you’ve been in your home for years but can’t find anything anymore, optimizing your garage space can save a lot of stress. Your garage offers important square footage and should be treated as such, but you’re not alone if you open the door and think “I don’t even know where to start…”

We can’t fix up your garage for you, but we can offer a few tips to help get you started:

Decide what you want to use the space for

Establishing your list of priorities for how the garage should function is step number one. Are you using it primarily as a car park with a bit of extra storage space? Is it a workshop and utility closet all in one? Will a part of it be turned into a home gym? Whatever the case, you should identify what wants and needs can be met with the space that you have. Start by grabbing a piece of graph paper and a pencil to make a to-scale drawing of your space so you know how much room you have to work with after you fill it with all the essentials. 


This is a big step. We know. However stressful it may be, it is just as satisfying. Sorting through old sporting equipment, neglected hobby projects, tools that haven’t seen the light of day, and that old patio furniture you keep saying you’ll brush the cobwebs off for next season, is the second step in regaining garage space. Unless it holds sentimental value, serves a true purpose, or brings you some kind of joy, get rid of the extra clutter so you know what has to be organized. Who knows, you may even part with enough stuff to put on a garage sale (we won’t tell anyone if you secretly want to show off your new and improved garage). 

Pick the proper storage and garage mechanics

Once you know what items have to find homes in the garage, it’s easier to find storage solutions to match. First you have to decide on an organizing system. Some of us like clear bins so we can see everything in them without have to search high and low. Others like closed cabinets to hide the clutter and keep everything organized. After you’ve decided how to organize, find a system that works for you and the people that have to access these things. That might be labels, sections of the garage for certain activities, or a color-coded filing system that would impress Sheldon Cooper. 

Another part of optimizing garage use is making sure the mechanics of the garage work as they should. This includes door hinges and handles, lighting, heat, surrounding foliage, and more. If you can’t even access the garage, what’s the point of making it functional?

Use vertical and overhead space

An often-underused area of space is the wall space that’s just out of reach. Hanging floating shelves or adding a few extra stackable shelves to your storage system can produce new indoor real estate you didn’t have before. Storing the seasonal gear or “dangerous goods” (washer fluid, paint, etc.) keeps them out of the way but still accessible. We’ve also seen many functional garage spaces with racks that hang from the ceiling to hold life jackets, snowboards, and other equipment that’s hard to store. 

Make it a welcoming space

You won’t use your garage to its fullest potential if it’s not a space you want to spend time in (even those 3 minutes to get the winter gear of out storage or to flip a breaker). Maybe this means adding extra light sources (adhesive, battery-operated lights if you don’t want to re-wire), insulation for warmth and sound absorption, or paint to make the space look bigger and brighter. Whatever the case, part of regaining your garage space is making sure you actually want to go in there to access the things you need. 

As the needs of you and your family change over the years, consider tackling the garage every 2-3 years to make sure it’s still functional for you. Who knows, your most recent garage update might be the thing that seals the deal for you to list your Edmonton home with us at TruHome. Homebuyers love a practical garage!

Thinking Of Selling: Thoughts On Selling Your Edmonton Home

Thu, 21 May by TruHome

  • Dear Homeowner, 

    Life is certainly creating unexpected circumstances, that are shaping our current lives and that will in some way or another impact our futures. 

    Not all news is BAD news though, which feels good to report. As an essential service, we continued to assist our clients both in the buying and selling journey.

  • Each client has a unique story as to WHY it made sense to them; new job opportunities, needing to “downsize” for health reasons, having their home sold, to build more financial freedom, to reduce debt…and the list goes on. 

    The same is true for you as to why you are choosing to stay in your current home or why you’ve been, like us, “looking” at real estate while you have spent more time at home. 

    Whatever the reason you have been contemplating a move, we want you to know:

    • The Market Is Moving Forward:

      • In fact, one of the biggest challenges we are facing is a lack of inventory.  Sellers that have chosen to take advantage of this are in many ways yielding more money right now and selling faster.
    • There Are Buyers Waiting For The Right Home:

      • While our sellers are less physical showings – our listings are attracting more vetted (qualified) buyers who are making quick decisions in terms of moving forward. 
    • You Deserve To Be Informed:

      • Our true role goes beyond buying and selling. As your real estate advisors, we want to ensure you are kept informed about the value of your home on an ongoing basis. This ensures you can make the most informed decision about whether to stay or move, to refinance or even to invest in a new property. Talk to us about getting this information on a consistent basis. 
    • We Want To Keep You Safe:

      • Due to COVID-19, we are taking strict measures to ensure everyone’s safety. From how we are increasing our virtual options, to how we are validating who enters your home and how. We would be happy to discuss the protocols we have in place to protect your health and home’s best interests. 

    If selling your home or gaining more knowledge about the Edmonton Real Estate market is on your priority list for 2020, we would be honoured to be part of your team of advisors. We are passionate about putting your needs first and have a proven track record of success that highlights that.

    Curious about what your Edmonton home is worth? Try our interactive Edmonton home evaluation tool here. Ready to talk about getting your home sold? Give us a call or send a msg.

Are You Fit To View: Things To Consider When Viewing Edmonton Homes

Wed, 18 Mar by TruHome

There are many ways Edmonton Home Buyers can view properties right now. We wanted to highlight a few ways we can continue to offer this service:

When you find the Edmonton Homes you would like to learn more about, consider your options for viewing:

  • Did you know we can offer tours via Facetime or Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger
  • Or we could look at recording/sending you a video tour
  • We are open to discussing booking an in-person viewing to qualified buyers who are fit to view.

Of course, we encourage all prospective buyers to review information on Alberta Health Services to make an informed decision about what is best for them and their families.

We are STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS – We just need to navigate the waters a little differently and change up how we can service our customers. Our Edmonton Real Estate team is here to be a resource to you, whether you need help getting something dropped off to your house, a person to talk to, or advice or assistance in navigating the home buying and selling process.

Selling Your Edmonton Home & Viewings In Respect To COVID-19

Tue, 17 Mar by TruHome

Last night, we sent emails out to all our sellers, providing some guidance regarding procedures to take if allowing showings at this time. Of course, we are also focused on discussing the right option for you at this time as ultimately it will be different for everyone. Here are a few tips we advised when it comes to proceeding with in-person showings:

  • We have created a sign you can post on your door, reminding visitors of actions you would like them to take when they enter your home. Download here
  • We recommend keeping hand sanitizers near your front door, for buyer usage. (Note: almost all REALTORS® are carrying their own for their clients to use prior to viewing the homes). Let us know if you would like our assistance in getting some to your home. 
  • We recommend turning on all lights and opening all interior doors for easier accessibility for the buyers and buyers agent. (reduce touching any surfaces)
  • If there is a need to pause showings (due to recent travel, personal symptoms or known health concerns) do let us know so we can devise the right plan for you.
  • We recommend keeping up with disinfecting all surfaces in your home, especially after a showing.
Please remember that we and our colleagues are taking as many proactive measurements we can to ensure that we can perform our jobs for you while ensuring your home and you are taken care of to the best of our abilities.

We are here to answer any questions you have about this and to discuss personalized plans to best support you. We understand that maintaining showings may not be desirable to all clients and we fully support and want to talk to you about the right options for you.
 At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that we are 100% here to support you and the decisions that are best for you and your families.
If you have further questions regarding your health, we encourage to please seek guidance from Alberta Health Services.
Stay tuned for more information.

What Do Dog-Friendly Edmonton Condo Options Look Like?

Wed, 08 Jan by TruHome

Hello YEG!

All of us at TruHome love our pets and each of us has made choices in regards to our living environments that would be good for our pets and ourselves. For example, I (Caitlin) chose to live in a house over a condo so that my lovely fur-bears can enjoy a doggy door and yard, while my sister (Elisse) knew right away that a condo would be better for her family, including her little dog. 

In retrospect, when I re-consider my lifestyle, I do feel an Edmonton condo would have also worked really well for me and my two bubbly schnauzers. Unfortunately, before I became an Edmonton REALTOR®, I didn’t realize all the amazing Edmonton condo choices that do exist for people like myself and my dogs.

The reality is that there are plenty of options when it comes to living the Edmonton lifestyle while loving and living with your pets. I wanted to share a few of my favourites to get you started on exploring the real possibilities you can consider:

 The Valhalla Located In Oliver

The Valhalla is the ultimate in pet-friendly living in the core. Not only do they allow pets, but they are also one of the most flexible when it comes to the overall size of your dog. Great Dane? No Problem! Your lovable fur baby is welcome here. With sprawling views of the river valley and downtown, a large indoor pool and an incredible gym – this condo provides it all in location and lifestyle. Want to learn even more about The Valhalla, be sure to read about the 10 Things You May Not Know About The Valhalla. 

The View Overlooking Riverdale

Nestled at the top of the hill in picturesque Riverdale, this Edmonton condo lives up to its name. Enjoy some of the best views in Edmonton surrounded by river valley walking trails. Not to mention, it is located only five minutes away from Edmonton’s downtown core. The building has reasonable pet restrictions, massive floor plans, ensuite laundry, underground parking and lower condo fees, making it a great option not to be overlooked!

Cherry Brook Court Situated in Oliver

This condo is situated in a prime location in the heart of Oliver. Only one block away from Jasper Avenue and close to every desirable amenity including a great pet food store, Global Pet Foods. With tree-lined streets, multiple parks and a network of walking paths, Cherry Brook Court is perfect for the young urban professional or first time home buyer. Accepting cats or dogs – all are welcome in this amazing condo!

The River Grande in Riverdale

Named “Edmonton’s Garden”, Riverdale is a premiere community hugged by the curve of the North Saskatchewan, surrounded by walking trails and home to one of the best off-leash dog parks in the entire city, the Dawson off-leash park which is less than a five-minute walk from the building. Large balconies, friendly 18+ neighbours and amazing floor plans make The River Grande a top choice for any dog parent! 

Morris Lofts in Downtown

Situated in the best location in downtown YEG, this exclusive loft building welcomes your pets. Residents love the generous floor plans, well-managed board and underground parking. What more could you want for your furry friends? Your steps away from Work Nicer (a fantastic co-working space), TEC Edmonton, 104th Street, Start-up Edmonton and the Ice District. 

Trinity Pointe in Bonnie Doon

One of Edmonton’s best kept secrets facing Mill Creek Ravine, this steel and concrete building is well-constructed and sound-proof. Connected to the ravine and trail networks, this building is ideal for pet owners all around. You will want for no amenity living near Whyte Avenue, Bonnie Doon mall, and downtown if you choose this as your next home! Not to mention with the expansion of the LRT network and its hub will bring even more exciting news to the area.

Want to discover more pet-friendly buildings in Edmonton? Our Edmonton Real Estate team would be thrilled to find the ideal home for you and your furry friend. Let us share our expertise to help you on your way!

Your TruHome Advisor,

Caitlin Heine

When Caitlin Heine isn’t out and about helping buyers and sellers navigate the Edmonton Real Estate market, you’ll often catch her out enjoying Edmonton’s beautiful river valley with her two schnauzers, Lumi & Hilli.

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