Community Spotlight: Garneau

Thu, 25 Nov by TruHome Inc


You’ve probably already guessed it, the TruHome team is a huge fan of Edmonton. Most of us on the team are born and raised Edmontonians with no plans to move to a new city! We know that Edmonton is an amazing place to live, and we want to share our love for it with you.

Because we’re fortunate to work with clients living in every neighbourhood in the city, we’ve come to know Edmonton from many different perspectives. In this blog post, we want to show you all the hidden gems in the neighbourhood of Garneau. 

Ride on the High Level Streetcar

After being closed for the COVID season, the High Level Streetcar is back in action! Take it to get from one end of the river to the other ($4 one-way for $7 round trip), or book it for a special event at an hourly rate, where you can invite friends and family to spend an hour or two on the streetcar. 

Paint your own ceramics

At Crankpots Ceramic Studio, you can pop in to shop or book a time to paint your own masterpiece. Both reservations and walk-ins are welcome! Simply pick your piece, paint colours, then start painting—and with unlimited studio time and paints, you can truly relax and enjoy your painting experience.

Experience French culinary mastery

A little bit of France in the centre of Garneau, Eleanor & Laurent is a French restaurant offering many different French dishes, such as baguettes, sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, desserts, wine and takeaway items. This description isn’t giving this restaurant the credit it deserves, so check out their Instagram to see the stunning dishes and treats that Eleanor & Laurent create.

Visit a hidden bistro

And if you wanted to stay in the area (or the same building), La Petite Iza is a rooftop terrace bistro located on Eleanor & Laurent’s uppermost floor. It serves patrons during the day and night, with two different menus for the time of day. With limited hours of Wednesday-Sunday, be sure to snag a reservation before stopping by.

Go thrifting

Though big box thrifting stores like Value Village or Goodwill are in the area, we’re all about supporting local, which is why you should check out Antique Treasure House Edmonton—a hidden gem located at 10701-85 Avenue at the base of an apartment building. Antique Treasure House is filled with everything, such as fine china, antiques, prints, toys, clothes, jewelry, furniture, kitchen goodies and more.  

Upgrade your kitchen knife-wear

It’s hard to find a shop that specializes in knives, but Knifewear in Garneau does. A Canadian business with locations in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, Knifewear is a destination and hangout spot for those who love Japanese steel. They carry exclusive, scary sharp, high performance blades, and offer expert knife knowledge, expert purchasing experiences and support.

Purchase some antique collectables

If you didn’t overspend at the Antique Treasure House that we featured above, walk on over to Black Swan Antiques & Collectibles. With a lot of different treasures inside, this shop specializes in antique jewelry. You are bound to spend hours in this eclectic store!

Have a spa day

At Healing Waters Spa, you can have a full spa day to relax and rejuvenate—or, you pop on in (by appointment) to get something specific. Healing Waters Spa offers an array of services including facials, waxing, tinting, massages, scrubs and saunas, as well as experiences like full packages or Hammam treatments. Keep an eye out for their monthly specials!

Visit a cigar shop

La Tienda is the friendliest cigar shop in the city, offering service, knowledge and honesty. They sell only cigars—no vapes, chew or cigarettes. Not only are they open for walk-ins, but they also offer private memberships: a monthly or premium private selection cigar club.

And when you’re done shopping, head on over next door to Farrow to grab a sandwich, coffee or donut. If you’re an Edmontonian, you probably already know about this well-loved sandwich shop.

Take a walk down Saskatchewan Drive

Lastly, nothing beats a free walk down Saskatchewan Drive where you can take in the wonders of the view. With a complete view of our Downtown, a walk (or jog!) down Saskatchewan Drive never gets old.

If you’ve fallen in love with all the goodies Garneau has to offer, reach out to one of the agents on our TruHome team – we’d love to show you some homes in the area! 


The Home Inspection Series: Why Home Inspections are Important

Thu, 11 Nov by TruHome Inc

Home inspections are a crucial step in the home buying process. Not only does it allow you to learn more about your future home, but it is the step that gives you the opportunity to either move forward with your purchase or walk away. We could go on and on about home inspections, so that’s why we decided to write a series on them!

Though many are familiar with the standard home inspection (which we will go further into detail in future blog posts), we thought we start out with why home inspections are important. If you’re thinking of purchasing your first home, be sure to set alerts for when we post new articles on our Instagram! Let’s dive in.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is the buyer’s last chance to learn the details and specifics of the home they put a deposit on and are looking to purchase. If any problems with the home arise during this step in the home buying process, the buyer can contact the seller to negotiate, or simply walk away from the purchase and get their deposit back.

Though home inspections are technically not necessary, we at TruHome strongly suggest performing one before purchasing your home. We get it—buying a home is already a lot of money and hiring a home inspector is just adding to the list of ever-growing costs. However, if you don’t go through with a home inspection, you could be left with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs that you could have learned about before. Beyond the cost, you could also be buying a home that simply isn’t safe to live in. No one wants that!

What do home inspectors look for?

Home inspectors look for anything and everything in a home. Probably not the answer you were looking for, right? Well, inspectors will look at the big and small—from leaks to small dents in the drywall. But in general home inspections, inspectors take a special interest in water damage, the structural integrity of the building (uneven floors, cracked walls, leaning stairs, etc.), roof damage, electrical, plumbing, bug or pest presence, and heating & cooling systems. 

The list above only scratches the surface, but once you get your home report back after the home inspector is finished, you’ll see what we mean.

What to expect during a home inspection

We always recommend that the buyer comes along for the inspection along with your realtor. Not only can you speak with the inspector one on one to clarify any issues that arise, it also gives the buyer another chance to view the home. Sometimes during these inspections, the buyer brings along measuring tapes and paint samples to get some planning in ahead of time before possession day.

Home inspections usually take between 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the home and the amount of reported issues. In very unique circumstances, home inspections can take a full day.

Once the home inspector is done looking at the home, they will chat with you and give you an in-depth report of the things that the home needs fixed. The length of this list differs between each home. Though the list can sometimes be long, you need to remember to pay attention to the severity of the issues. There may be missing light switches and cracks in the sidewalk, which are more of an aesthetic issue and not necessary to fix right away. However, if the inspection report tells you that there are major issues with your pipes or foundation, that is when you need to decide with your realtor if those are deal breakers or not. Always keep your budget in mind during this step—even though the home may seem perfect, it may not be worth it to fork out thousands of dollars to fix the issues.

What to expect after a home inspection

After the home inspection takes place, it’s time to sit down with your realtor. If the report shows only a few minor things, then your realtor will likely suggest to move forward with the purchase without any changes to your deal.

However, if your home inspection report comes back with major issues, your realtor will give you three options: 1) to negotiate with the seller to get a smaller selling price of the home, 2) to negotiate with the seller to have them fix the issues before possession day, or 3) to walk away from the home altogether. If the seller agrees to fix the issues for you, it is important to have a follow-up walk-through before your possession date to ensure that the problems were properly tended to.

If you decide to walk away from the home, your realtor will go back to step one and send you listings of homes that are similar to the one you just walked away from. Though it’s extremely disappointing for our clients (and for us!) when this happens, we have never regretted backing away from a bad investment. 

Hiring a home inspector in Edmonton

Edmonton is filled with many credible home inspection companies. Did you know that Alberta and British Columbia are the only two provinces that require home inspectors to have certifications? This means that here in Alberta, all home inspectors are licensed and you can sleep soundly knowing that trained professionals are inspecting your home. We at TruHome work with a couple specific companies that are amazing. Here they are:

Brent Moffat

Edmonton, AB T5T 2Y5, Canada

Phone: 780-224-5035

Visit the website


Edgar Castillo, 

Canadian Residential Inspection Services NE Edmonton

Namao Center PO Box 31085 Edmonton AB T5Z 3P3 (Street Address: 10315 – 178 Avenue NW, Edmonton)

Phone: 780-910-2857

How much does a home inspection cost?

During most purchases, the buyer usually pays for the home inspection. However, there’s no rule that says that you can’t negotiate that the seller pays for the home inspection when you’re in the negotiation stage before the inspection takes place.

There are some cases when the seller performs a home inspection before they put their house on the market. In those cases, it is up to the buyer to either accept that home inspection or perform a second home inspection on their own dime. However, we at TruHome definitely recommend hiring your own inspector—someone that is unbiased and can give you an honest report.

That being said, if you are hiring the home inspector yourself, you can expect to spend between $200-$400. 

In conclusion

We know home inspections can be daunting—especially when you’re a first-time home buyer. But like we mentioned earlier in this article, home inspections are important and necessary, even if they aren’t required to purchase a home. 

More often than not, there will be an issue with your home, even if it’s only a year or two old. But know when this happens, you’re not alone. Your realtor is there to help you throughout your journey to home ownership—even when it gets difficult!

We at TruHome take pride in being a shoulder to lean on during the home buying process. At each and every step, we’re only a call or a coffee hang away! If you’re looking to purchase your next place to call home, feel free to book a Buyer’s Consult with us to get started.

121 West Condos: Brewery District Highlight

Thu, 04 Nov by TruHome Inc

If you didn’t already know, the TruHome team is helping lease up the 121 West Condominiums. 121 West offers high quality concrete construction with a wide array of floor plans (studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom) that allows your home to be as unique as you are. Not only are the suites absolutely gorgeous, but the building itself is located in one of our favourite places in our city: the Edmonton Brewery District.

If you haven’t visited Central Edmonton in a while, the Brewery District is a neighbourhood sandwiched between Oliver, Queen Mary Park, and Downtown. It has everything you need—from shopping and food to entertainment and other businesses that offer everything you need. If you are considering moving to the 121 West condos or even moving to the area, keep on reading to learn more about what this neighbourhood has to offer!



Everyone loves Winners—it’s so hard not to! Our team are frequent shoppers at the Brewery District location and have noticed that there is always a great selection of clothing, shoes, and home goods at this location. Don’t believe us? Guess you will have to check it out for yourself!


If you have yet to visit Miniso, this is your sign to do so. Miniso is soon to be your favourite Japanese-inspired, low-cost, lifestyle product retailer, offering high quality household goods, cosmetics, and food at affordable prices. Name a product—they’ve got it. Plan to be there for a while, you will get lost in this store and not want to leave! 

Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC)

Calling all people who love the outdoors! Grab your one-time MEC membership and get shopping. MEC is a one stop shop for all season sports, hiking, camping, footwear, clothing, electronics and more. Even if you aren’t a nature lover, you’ll still probably find something you’ll love there.

124th Street

Even though 124th Street isn’t “in” the Brewery District, we had to include it anyway because it’s an icon in the neighbourhood. Just a short five-minute walk away, this beautiful area of our city has tons of shopping options, such as Shades of Gray, Floc Boutique, The Makers Keep, The Prints & The Paper and so much more.


City Market

The Loblaw City Market is a staple in this community.While there are a few good options for grocery shopping, City Market is a favourite amongst those who live in Downtown-adjacent neighbourhoods. Not only is it a new build, but it also has free underground parking.

Blaze Pizza

Think Subway… but for Pizzas. Blaze Pizza is a build-your-own pizza joint that you will be sure to love if you haven’t tried it already.

Wing Snob

Traditional Wings, boneless wings, cauli wings—you name it, they have it. Wing Snob is new to the Brewery District but has quickly become a community favourite!

Cobs Bread Bakery

Name a food item that is more delicious than warm buttered bread. Cobs Bread Bakery serves a variety of different menu items like bread, scones, tarts, danishes, pizza, croissants… the list goes on.

Wilfred’s & Made by Marcus

A dual concept space in the Brewery District, Wildfred’s Handhelds and Made by Marcus are two delicious places to grab a bite. Grab a beer and a sandwich from Wilfred’s, then snag a locally-sourced ice cream from Made by Marcus—it’s a win-win!

Shojo Izakaya

Located in the same building below Wilfred’s and Made by Margus, Shojo Izakaya is a restaurant that serves fresh, modern Japanese cuisine in Edmonton, AB serving Small plates ranging from fried chicken to sushi. What’s more—Shojo has an incredible cocktail menu!


Peri-peri, anyone? Nando’s is an underrated gem in the Brewery District, offering a variety of food options that will please the whole family. Though the menu is centered around chicken, there are several vegetarian options as well. Just don’t forget to add their iconic peri-peri dipping sauce!

Tokiwa Ramen

It’s not a good neighbourhood without a ramen restaurant, right? Tokiwa Ramen is a fan favourite for ramen lovers, with their soup often selling out well before closing time. They prepare their soup daily using quality ingredients locally sourced whenever possible, which is why they only make a limited amount of soup each day! Prepare to stand in line, but we promise it’s worth the wait. 

…And now for a couple restaurants that aren’t in the Brewery District, but are a short walk or scooter ride away!

Brew & Bloom Cafe

You have probably seen the Brew & Bloom Cafe on Instagram at some point. Nourish your body and mind at this gorgeous cafe that features stunning florals and delicious food, including unique drinks, an abundance of food and a large selection of desserts.

Cafe Amore

Get your pasta fix (and then some) at this classic Italian restaurant! Cafe Amore has a pasta feature for every day of the week, and is guaranteed to feed you for several meals.

Art of Cake

The Art of Cake is an eclectic bakery that serves a variety of different sweets, and you can even order signature cakes for occasions such as weddings! 

Health Services

Divine Spine

 Divine Spine is a unique chiropractor’s office offering a computerized treatment system that is designed to gently restore motion to your joints.  It uses a precise and computerized force to facilitate the body’s correction of nerve interference caused by a misaligned spinal joint. 

Pivotal Physiotherapy

Pivotal Physiotherapy provides essential healthcare and exceptional rehabilitative care to help you live your best, healthiest life. They accommodate all types of schedules with flexible hours, and have a second location near High Street. 


Whether you wear glasses or not, we should all be getting our eyes checked every now and then. FYidoctors offer complete eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, designer frames, custom lenses and sunglasses. 

Oliver Park Dental

Oliver Park Dental understands that the dental office isn’t always your favourite place to visit, but it is a health necessity. This dental office offers an array of different services, such as invisalign, teeth whitening, dental implants, cleanings, children’s checkups and even botox.

Massage Heights

Everyone needs a massage every once in a while. At Massage Heights, every massage experience will be different because they believe in customizing your massage to your needs. 

Goodlife Fitness 

And of course, a neighbourhood isn’t complete without a gym. Goodlife Fitness is a leader in fitness services, providing high-quality equipment, personal training and group fitness classes. The Brewery District location even offers childcare services while you workout!

Other Necessities

TD Canada

If you bank with TD Canada, you are in luck! But even if you aren’t, this bank offers 24/7 access to bank machines just in case you are in need of cash.


121 West is pet friendly, so having a Petland close by is a definite perk! And even if you don’t own a pet of your own, you can always stop by when you are in need of some pet cuddles, because why not?

 Citizen’s Salon & Tommy Gun’s

And last but definitely not least, the Brewery District has two hair salons to choose from if you aren’t already tied to a hairdresser. Citizen’s Salon is an independent chair rental hair studio where you can go and get your hair done, or if you are a hairstylist yourself, open up your own business! And, of course, for those in need of a barber, Tommy Gun’s is available for you, too. 


The Edmonton Brewery District has so much to offer, and we would love to talk about it more with you. If you are interested in leasing a unit in the beautiful 121 West, feel free to send us a message to book a viewing.


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