From Hockey Heroes to Hidden Talents: Uncovering Fun Facts About the Edmonton Oilers

Fri, 12 May by TruHome Inc

The playoff season is here, and the excitement among hockey fans across the globe is growing as we are in the midst of round 2 of the playoffs. For fans of the Edmonton Oilers (which we are), this time of year is particularly special, as the team gears up for the chance to compete for the coveted Stanley Cup.

This year, the Oilers are poised to make a deep playoff run and we are all excited to see how it plays out. In the spirit of this, we wanted to share some fun tidbits of Oiler’s trivia about some of our players:

  1. Connor McDavid, the captain of the Oilers, is the youngest player in NHL history to win the Art Ross Trophy as the league’s leading scorer. He achieved this feat in the 2016-17 season at the age of 20.
  2. Leon Draisaitl, who plays center for the Oilers, was born in Germany and is the highest-scoring German player in NHL history.
  3. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who plays center for the Oilers, is left-handed, but he shoots right-handed.
  4. Darnell Nurse, a defenseman for the Oilers, is the nephew of former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb.
  5. Stuart Skinner, during his junior hockey career, Skinner played for the Lethbridge Hurricanes. He is thee youngest in his family. He is one of nine siblings. All of them have first names that begin with the letter “S”.
  6. Zach Hyman is also an author. He has written a book titled “The Bambino and Me” in 2014, among others. The book tells the story of a young boy who forms a special bond with baseball legend Babe Ruth.
  7. Evander Kane, a left winger for the Oilers, has played in over 700 NHL games in his career and has also represented Canada in international play. He was acquired by the Oilers in 2022 and has previously played for several other NHL teams.
  8. Kailer Yamamoto, a right winger for the Oilers, is of Japanese and Hawaiian descent and grew up in Spokane, Washington.
  9. Cody Ceci is an avid golfer and has participated in various charity golf tournaments. He is also known to be a big fan of the sport and has said that he enjoys golfing in his free time during the off-season.
  10. Evan Bouchard became the youngest Oiler defenceman in history to record a goal on October 25, 2018, when he scored in a 4–1 win over the Washington Capitals.

It is always fascinating to gain some more insight into these talented players beyond the ice. We are eagerly watching each game in anticipation and hope that this will be “our year” here in YEG.


Low Maintenance Houseplants To Decorate Your YEG Home With

Fri, 31 Mar by TruHome Inc


Houseplants are a wonderful addition to any home. Not only do they add colour and beauty, but they also have many benefits for your health and well-being. However, not everyone has a green thumb or the time to take care of high-maintenance plants. Fortunately, there are many low-maintenance houseplants that require minimal attention and are perfect for beginners or busy individuals.

Let’s explore the best low maintenance houseplants that can thrive with minimal care.

1. Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata)

The snake plant is a popular choice for low maintenance houseplants. It has long, tall leaves that are resistant to pests and diseases. This plant can tolerate a wide range of light levels, from bright to low light, and can go weeks without water. It also helps purify the air by removing toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde.


2. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)

The ZZ plant is another low-maintenance option that can tolerate neglect. It has glossy, dark green leaves that can grow up to three feet long. This plant prefers low to medium light and can go weeks without water. It is also resistant to pests and diseases and can help purify the air.


3. Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

The pothos is a popular trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves. It can tolerate low to medium light and can go weeks without water. Pothos is also easy to propagate and can grow well in a variety of conditions. It can help purify the air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene.


4. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

The Chinese evergreen is a low-maintenance houseplant that can grow up to three feet tall. It prefers low to medium light and can go weeks without water. The plant has green leaves with silver markings and can help purify the air by removing toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde.


5. Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

The spider plant is a popular choice for beginners due to its easy care and ability to propagate easily. It has long, narrow leaves that can grow up to three feet long. The plant prefers bright, indirect light and can go a week or more without water. Spider plants also help purify the air by removing toxins such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.


6. Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The peace lily is a low-maintenance houseplant with dark green leaves and white flowers. It prefers low to medium light and can go a week or more without water. The peace lily can also help purify the air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene.


7. Rubber Plant (Ficus elastica)

The rubber plant is a low-maintenance houseplant with shiny, dark green leaves. It prefers bright, indirect light and can go several weeks without water. The plant can grow up to eight feet tall and can help purify the air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde and benzene.



These are some of the best houseplants that can thrive with minimal care. Whether you are a beginner or a busy individual, these plants can add colour and beauty to your home while providing numerous health benefits. Remember to check the specific care instructions for each plant and adjust accordingly based on your home’s unique conditions.

Let’s Talk Interior Colour Trends For 2023

Thu, 23 Feb by TruHome Inc

As we move into 2023, the trends for home decor continue to evolve. One of the most important elements of any home decor scheme is colour. The right colours can make a space feel warm and inviting, while the wrong colours can make it feel cold and uninviting. So, what are the home colour trends for 2023? Let’s take a closer look.


Earth Tones
In 2023, earth tones will continue to be a popular choice for home decor. Think shades of brown, green, and beige, as well as rust and mustard tones. These colours are warm and welcoming and can help create a cozy atmosphere in any room. You can use earth tones as the main colour scheme for a room or use them as accents to add warmth and depth to a space.



Moody Blues
Moody blues will also be a trend in 2023. These are deep, rich blues that have a slightly muted quality to them. Think navy, teal, and indigo. These colours can create a sense of calm and relaxation in a space, making them ideal for bedrooms or living rooms. Pair moody blues with lighter shades of blue or white to create a sense of balance.



Bold Reds
If you want to make a statement with your home decor, bold reds will be a trend in 2023. These are bright, vibrant shades of red that can add energy and excitement to a space. You can use bold reds as an accent colour or make them the main colour scheme for a room. Pair them with neutral colours like white, grey, or black to help them pop.



Soft Greens
Soft greens will also be trending in 2023. These are light, muted shades of green that can create a calming and soothing atmosphere in a space. Think sage, mint, and seafoam. Soft greens work well in bedrooms and bathrooms, where you want to create a sense of tranquility. Pair them with natural wood tones and white to create a serene environment.



Monochromatic Color Schemes
Finally, monochromatic colour schemes will be a trend in 2023. These are colour schemes that use different shades of the same colour. For example, you could use different shades of blue to create a calming and cohesive look in a space. Monochromatic colour schemes are easy to pull off and can create a sense of unity and balance in a room.



Whether you want to create a cozy and warm space or a calm and relaxing environment, there is a colour trend that will work for you. Happy decorating!

Valentine’s Day In YEG – 2023 Edition

Thu, 26 Jan by TruHome Inc



Whether you’re courting your special sweetie, celebrating an amazing friendship, or best of all just looking to treat yourself, there are so many fun things to do in and around Edmonton this Valentine’s day. But first you must decide, are you heading out on the town or are you craving the comforts of home? Have no fear about which you choose because we’ve got plenty of ideas for both! 


Out And About: Sweetheart Snowshoeing (FREE EVENT – but book ahead) 

Strathcona County is hosting Sweetheart Snowshoe at Broadmoor Public Golf Course. Take a spin around the golf course on illuminated snowshoes enjoying the scenic views and good company. Add a thermos of hot chocolate to the mix and you’ve got yourself a ready-made and low cost date!  Get the details: Click Here



Staying In: Heart Shaped Pizza (Costs Vary) 

There is no shortage of Edmonton pizza shops that offer heart shaped Pizzas on Valentine’s day but we’ll admit – our personal favourite is the CLASSIC from Boston Pizza because $1.00 from every heart shaped pizza sold goes to a local charity chosen by the location you order from. Did we mention that Boston Pizza has chosen to extend the sale of heart shaped pizzas to two days (Feb 13th and 14th) so there is plenty of opportunity to get yours.  Find the nearest Boston Pizza: Click Here 


Out And About: Valentines Singles Mixer (February 10th – $10 Per Person) 

Hosted by YEG Events and Date’N’Dash, this social event is not to be missed. Grab your friends and enjoy great music while dancing the night away alongside other Edmonton singles. Maybe you’ll even win some door prizes at one of Edmonton’s liveliest hot spots, On The RocksGet your tickets: Click Here 



Staying In: Learn Something New (Cost Varies) 

Avoid the hustle and bustle of the outside world, get comfy, and learn something new together. Whether it’s a platonic or romantic bond, nothing reinforces it quite like the feeling you get when mastering (or epically and comedically fail at) something new. In the current climate online classes and resources have become readily available – why not turn them into a cerebral date night for you and your person. Check out one of our favourites (The raspberry soufflé is AWESOME): Click Here 



Out And About: The Hazeldean Sweethearts Market (February 11th and 12th)

Grab a latte, your favourite person, and make a trip to the Hazeldean Community Artisan Market to celebrate some of Edmonton’s finest local vendors at the Sweethearts Market. Shopping local FEELS SO GOOD and this market allows participation by vendors of all ages meaning you could very well be supporting a young entrepreneur – that’s pretty cool. Reserve your spot: Click here



Staying In: Make Art (Cost Varies) 

A recent hunt for a specialty craft supply led us to a great local art shop called The Gilded Rabbit (what a whimsical store it is) and we were instantly inspired! Create a date night that is only limited by your own imagination – a quick trip to this local gem and you’ll have everything you need to make lasting (and messy) memories with that special someone. Get inspired: Click Here 



Out And About: Sip and Paint (Adults Only)

Sip on the bevy of your choice and call on your inner artist! This adults only paint party is being hosted by Viniology Art and XO Bistro + Bar. Participants will be given all the supplies and given step by step instruction on how to create their very own masterpiece. A great date for a larger group hoping to spend Valentine’s Day together.  Get your tickets: Click Here 



No matter what you choose to do on Valentine’s Day – there are so many opportunities to create that perfect-to-you date night in Edmonton. Do you know of something special happening for Valentine’s Day in YEG this year? We’d love to add it to the list – get in touch with us: Click Here

Remembrance Day In Edmonton

Tue, 08 Nov by TruHome Inc


Remembrance Day is fast approaching and you might be wondering what’s happening around YEG. Whether you’re looking to stand in memory at a traditional Remembrance Day ceremony or you’d like to participate from home – we have options for you to consider when planning how you’ll spend Remembrance Day in Edmonton. 


  1. Join online to watch the National Remembrance Day service take place in Ottawa. Tune in to your local CBC network (television, radio, or social media) to get front row coverage of the largest ceremony in the nation. 
  2. Head down to City Hall Plaza to attend the Remembrance Day ceremony planned by the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. This one hour ceremony is led by the Commanding Officer of The Loyal Edmonton Regiment and will be held “to honour the achievements and sacrifices of those who served our country in times of war and peace”. Visit the City Of Edmonton website for more information. 
  3. Visit the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum. Take a step backwards in time and immerse yourself in Edmonton’s military history. Operated by The Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum Foundation – this Museum is dedicated to “Inspiring communities to discover and connect with their military heritage”. 
  4. Take a guided walk through Fort Saskatchewan Cemetery. Visit the gravestones of and pay respects to the veterans who sacrificed their lives during the World Wars. Hosted by The Fort Heritage Precinct, this event is free to attend! You can find details on the Fort Heritage Precinct Facebook page
  5. Call your local Legion branch and see if there is something you can do to serve the Veterans in your community. There are likely countless ways that your local Legion branch could use your help.

Community Spotlight: Laurier Heights

Thu, 21 Apr by TruHome Inc

As a well established residential neighbourhood in central west Edmonton, Laurier Heights has much to offer for families, retirees, blooming professionals, and everyone in between! Many of the community’s original homes were constructed between 1950-1980, but the neighbourhood has recently become a desirable spot for infills and new developments. With above-average lot sizes and iconic trees that have grown with the neighbourhood, who wouldn’t want to put their new home here!


With some of the neighbourhood overlooking the North Saskatchewan River and other areas bordering popular natural parks, there are ample opportunities for outdoor recreation in Laurier Heights. 

Sir Wilfred Laurier Park, Buena Vista Park, and the off-leash dog park are easily accessible from the neighbourhood, and with a short walk across the foot bridge you’ll find yourself in of Hawrelak Park where all the best summer and winter festivities in Edmonton take place! Once there, you’re a short trek up the river valley stairs where you’ll pop out at the University of Alberta campus. There are also countless walking trails and well-maintained sidewalks where you’ll encounter your neighbours at any time of the year.  

At the bottom of Buena Vista road you’ll find the Edmonton Valley Zoo which is a great place to spend the day with your kids or to plan a local date day. With a recent renovation and makeover, the Valley Zoo is a hub for animal education and care!

Residents in Laurier Heights also have close access to the Royal Mayfair Golf Club, Jasper Place and St. FX Fitness Centres, and Whitemud Park.


The boundaries of Laurier Heights are roughly 87 Avenue to the north, 149 Street and the Whitemud to the west, Buena Vista Park to the east, and the North Saskatchewan River valley to the south. 

Laurier Heights features many architecturally unique homes that include single-family detached homes, a few low-rise apartments, and the recent addition of infill, or “skinny”, homes. Many of these mid-century homes have been updated to reflect more contemporary trends but prospective buyers can still expect to find one-of-a-kind style and charm.

Even though the neighbourhood is known for being quiet and tucked away, it is still highly accessible via public transit options and is conveniently located next to major thoroughfares. You can easily access the north side of edmonton and beyond via 149th street, and the Whitemud and Terwillegar Drive are accessible just a few blocks away to take you west or south in the city. 


While Laurier Heights only has one school within its geographic boundaries, it shares streets with Crestwood and Parkview to offer easy access to some of the neighbourhood’s best schools for kids of all ages.

Designated Public Schools in Laurier Heights:

Laurier Heights School (K-9, with french immersion)
Ross Sheppard (Grades 10-12)

Designated Catholic Schools in Laurier Heights:

St. Rose Junior High (Grades 7-9)
St. Paul Elementary (K-6)
St. Francis Xavier (Grades 10-12)

Other schools nearby:

Archbishop MacDonald (Grades 10-12, with french immersion)
Crestwood (K-9)
Parkview (K-9)

Shopping and Services

Residents of Laurier Heights have convenient access to some of the city’s most diverse shopping centres. Just five minutes down the road is Meadowlark Health and Shopping Centre – home to DynaLife, Safeway, Wal-Mart, pharmacies, fast food restaurants, banking, and much more! Another five minutes down the road lands you at West Edmonton Mall which is your one-stop-shop for all things fashion, home, and tech.

A few blocks north from Laurier Heights takes you to Crestwood Shopping Centre which has a selection of local boutiques and local restaurants for a night out close to home with your neighbours.


No matter your reason for moving to Laurier Heights, we’re sure you’ll love it and lifestyle it offers! If you’re looking to move into the neighbourhood or relocate within the neighbourhood, get in touch with us! We’d be happy to help you find your dream home in Laurier Heights.

Patio Season in Edmonton

Wed, 06 Apr by TruHome Inc

With all this sun and the start of some Spring-like weather, it’s only right to be thinking about all the patios you’ll be visiting this Spring. Here are our recommendations for some local restaurants in Edmonton that have great patio vibes:

Craft Beer Market

Might we say this place is a must see? This fresh space on Rice Howard Way has a rooftop patio fixed with all the things you need to have a good time. Their light, airy space is a major hit with ping pong tables, murals, and the Cocktail Camper. While they’re known for their beer, they have a great selection of wine, cocktails, spirits, and more! 

Odd Company

Nestled in the Oliver Exchange building, Odd Company knows how to put together a good evening. Their cozy street patio (which has been open through the winter, believe it or not!) is decorated with ambient string lighting, picnic tables, and music. They live up to their promise of “good cheer, better beer” with small batch brews to offer something new every time you visit. 

Fairmont Hotel MacDonald

The Confederation Patio at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald is a perfectly chic place to enjoy an afternoon tea, cocktails, or food from their exclusive outdoor menu. With large umbrellas to protect you from the sun on their open patio, you can enjoy a front-row seat facing the river valley and the views that go with it. 


Tucked away in Riverdale, Dogpatch is the new neighbourhood watering hole with picnic table style patio seating. Their made from scratch bistro eats, hand-crafted drinks, and easy-going atmosphere is everything you need to enjoy a dining experience with friends near Edmonton’s river valley. While you’re there, we recommend checking out Bread and Butter bakery in the same building for some scrumptious pastries!


As a fan favourite on Whyte Ave, MKT is situated right in the middle of the neighbourhood’s entertainment hub. Their food is locally sourced, they have over 100 different types of beer available, and they’ve got a fantastic fenced patio with heaters, TVs and an outdoor bar. This is a great place to catch an Oiler’s game or share a plate of their giant nachos!


Located in Ritchie Market’s Bottle Room, Biera is an award winning restaurant known for their creative small plates and delicious culinary experiences. Join them on their covered patio this season and then swing by the market for speciality foods, beer, and gifts! 

Let us know if you try out any of these fabulous patio spots in Edmonton! Maybe we’ll even see you out there!!

What’s New and Upcoming in Edmonton’s Ice District

Fri, 25 Mar by TruHome Inc


Edmonton’s Ice District has been underway for quite some time—but we are finally nearing its completion! If you haven’t been downtown in a while, you should plan to visit our beautiful new Ice District (and all the fun areas around it) come summertime, because there will be a lot of new things to see, do and eat when it is all completed.

Here is what you can expect to find in Edmonton’s Ice District over the next few months!

Upcoming in 2022

The Banquet

Even though there are going to be several incredible places to visit in the Ice District, we are most excited for The Banquet to open up.

We already know that this restaurant, bar and entertainment establishment is going to be a staple in Summer 2022. The Banquet will have a rooftop bar, a bowling alley, incredible food, tasty drinks, a pool hall, arcade games and more. The better question may have been: what does this bar not have?

The Banquet even has a rewards system—for every dollar spent, they will give you 15 points. Once you get up to 1500 points, you get $5 Banquet Bucks! You will want to keep coming back.

Canadian Icehouse

A spinoff of the iconic Canadian Brewhouse, the Canadian Icehouse will be located directly underneath The Banquet, on the main floor. This flagship location will feature a patio with fireplaces & outdoor games overlooking the plaza, as well as sub-zero vodka tasting in a room made entirely of blocks of ice & snow. How cool!

More details about this restaurant are TBD, but we know we at TruHome will be one of the first tables seated once it opens up.

Open & Ready for Visits!


Looking for a new place to get your sweat on? Archetype might be the perfect fit.

Archetype combines the science of high performance with an invested team of expert trainers and a comprehensive health and fitness offering in one exceptional facility. Archetype is more than a gym—it’s an elevated fitness experience for those seeking the rewards of a high-performance lifestyle.

This facility runs on a membership basis, but you get a lot for your monthly fee. Such as: cardio, strength and performance areas, daily group classes, pool, hot tub, steam room, regeneration lab, meditation pods and more. You have to check it out for yourself!

Bob & Doug McKenzie Statue

We thought we would throw this fun (and free!) experience here. When visiting the Ice District, you need to stop by this iconic statue to really complete your downtown experience.

If you haven’t heard of Bob & Doug McKenzie, they are Canadian culture icons who starred on Second City TV (SSTV)—a show that filmed several of its seasons right here in Edmonton.

You can find this statue at the South entrance of the Ice District—you won’t miss it!

Grand Villa Casino

The Grand Villa Casino offers 60,000 square feet of exceptional gaming, dining, and entertainment in the heart of ICE District. You can enjoy an array of dining and entertainment options including Match Eatery & Public House, Atlas Steak + Fish and quick serve options such as Starbucks.

This one stop shop is a must see when visiting the Ice District—even if you just stop in to see it for yourself!

Alchemy Bar

Located on the fifth floor of the JW Marriott hotel (which we will talk about next!), Alchemy features an intimate indoor cocktail bar and lounge, as well as a large heated patio overlooking Rogers Place.

This stunning cocktail bar serves up handcrafted libations and next-level bar snacks! A few members of our team are regulars here absolutely loved it.

JW Marriott Hotel

Looking for a staycation? The JW Marriott in Edmonton is the place to be!

This contemporary, chic hotel gives guests so much to do without even leaving the area. It is connected to Rogers Place and is just steps away from the Citadel Theatre, The Royal Alberta Museum, the Art Gallery of Alberta, City Hall/Churchill Square, and the Edmonton Convention Centre. The JW Marriott is also home to two restaurants, Alchemy (noted above) and a spa, so you will never want to leave!

GURU Kitchen + Bar

With a successful location already located in West Edmonton, it only made sense to open up a second location in Edmonton’s downtown core.

Located at the main level of Edmonton Tower, GURU Kitchen + Bar operates for lunch and dinner serving as an Indian cuisine all day dining venue. This is some of the best Indian cuisine you’ll find downtown!

Delux Burger Bar

Do you like burgers? Of course you do! Delux Burger Bar has some of the city’s best burgers in a chic setting that you are sure to love. And what’s more—they have a large array of drinks for you to keep the night going after finishing your delicious meal.

Let us suggest getting a side of french fries with their chipotle mayonnaise dip. It is simply the best!

We hope this sparked some interest in visiting Edmonton’s new Ice District! There are so many things to do in the new neighbourhood that we couldn’t cover everything in this article, so we recommend you schedule some time in Summer 2022 to visit it yourself.


Community Spotlight: Garneau

Thu, 25 Nov by TruHome Inc


You’ve probably already guessed it, the TruHome team is a huge fan of Edmonton. Most of us on the team are born and raised Edmontonians with no plans to move to a new city! We know that Edmonton is an amazing place to live, and we want to share our love for it with you.

Because we’re fortunate to work with clients living in every neighbourhood in the city, we’ve come to know Edmonton from many different perspectives. In this blog post, we want to show you all the hidden gems in the neighbourhood of Garneau. 

Ride on the High Level Streetcar

After being closed for the COVID season, the High Level Streetcar is back in action! Take it to get from one end of the river to the other ($4 one-way for $7 round trip), or book it for a special event at an hourly rate, where you can invite friends and family to spend an hour or two on the streetcar. 

Paint your own ceramics

At Crankpots Ceramic Studio, you can pop in to shop or book a time to paint your own masterpiece. Both reservations and walk-ins are welcome! Simply pick your piece, paint colours, then start painting—and with unlimited studio time and paints, you can truly relax and enjoy your painting experience.

Experience French culinary mastery

A little bit of France in the centre of Garneau, Eleanor & Laurent is a French restaurant offering many different French dishes, such as baguettes, sandwiches, rotisserie chicken, desserts, wine and takeaway items. This description isn’t giving this restaurant the credit it deserves, so check out their Instagram to see the stunning dishes and treats that Eleanor & Laurent create.

Visit a hidden bistro

And if you wanted to stay in the area (or the same building), La Petite Iza is a rooftop terrace bistro located on Eleanor & Laurent’s uppermost floor. It serves patrons during the day and night, with two different menus for the time of day. With limited hours of Wednesday-Sunday, be sure to snag a reservation before stopping by.

Go thrifting

Though big box thrifting stores like Value Village or Goodwill are in the area, we’re all about supporting local, which is why you should check out Antique Treasure House Edmonton—a hidden gem located at 10701-85 Avenue at the base of an apartment building. Antique Treasure House is filled with everything, such as fine china, antiques, prints, toys, clothes, jewelry, furniture, kitchen goodies and more.  

Upgrade your kitchen knife-wear

It’s hard to find a shop that specializes in knives, but Knifewear in Garneau does. A Canadian business with locations in Edmonton, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, Knifewear is a destination and hangout spot for those who love Japanese steel. They carry exclusive, scary sharp, high performance blades, and offer expert knife knowledge, expert purchasing experiences and support.

Purchase some antique collectables

If you didn’t overspend at the Antique Treasure House that we featured above, walk on over to Black Swan Antiques & Collectibles. With a lot of different treasures inside, this shop specializes in antique jewelry. You are bound to spend hours in this eclectic store!

Have a spa day

At Healing Waters Spa, you can have a full spa day to relax and rejuvenate—or, you pop on in (by appointment) to get something specific. Healing Waters Spa offers an array of services including facials, waxing, tinting, massages, scrubs and saunas, as well as experiences like full packages or Hammam treatments. Keep an eye out for their monthly specials!

Visit a cigar shop

La Tienda is the friendliest cigar shop in the city, offering service, knowledge and honesty. They sell only cigars—no vapes, chew or cigarettes. Not only are they open for walk-ins, but they also offer private memberships: a monthly or premium private selection cigar club.

And when you’re done shopping, head on over next door to Farrow to grab a sandwich, coffee or donut. If you’re an Edmontonian, you probably already know about this well-loved sandwich shop.

Take a walk down Saskatchewan Drive

Lastly, nothing beats a free walk down Saskatchewan Drive where you can take in the wonders of the view. With a complete view of our Downtown, a walk (or jog!) down Saskatchewan Drive never gets old.

If you’ve fallen in love with all the goodies Garneau has to offer, reach out to one of the agents on our TruHome team – we’d love to show you some homes in the area! 


The Home Inspection Series: Why Home Inspections are Important

Thu, 11 Nov by TruHome Inc

Home inspections are a crucial step in the home buying process. Not only does it allow you to learn more about your future home, but it is the step that gives you the opportunity to either move forward with your purchase or walk away. We could go on and on about home inspections, so that’s why we decided to write a series on them!

Though many are familiar with the standard home inspection (which we will go further into detail in future blog posts), we thought we start out with why home inspections are important. If you’re thinking of purchasing your first home, be sure to set alerts for when we post new articles on our Instagram! Let’s dive in.

What is a home inspection?

A home inspection is the buyer’s last chance to learn the details and specifics of the home they put a deposit on and are looking to purchase. If any problems with the home arise during this step in the home buying process, the buyer can contact the seller to negotiate, or simply walk away from the purchase and get their deposit back.

Though home inspections are technically not necessary, we at TruHome strongly suggest performing one before purchasing your home. We get it—buying a home is already a lot of money and hiring a home inspector is just adding to the list of ever-growing costs. However, if you don’t go through with a home inspection, you could be left with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs that you could have learned about before. Beyond the cost, you could also be buying a home that simply isn’t safe to live in. No one wants that!

What do home inspectors look for?

Home inspectors look for anything and everything in a home. Probably not the answer you were looking for, right? Well, inspectors will look at the big and small—from leaks to small dents in the drywall. But in general home inspections, inspectors take a special interest in water damage, the structural integrity of the building (uneven floors, cracked walls, leaning stairs, etc.), roof damage, electrical, plumbing, bug or pest presence, and heating & cooling systems. 

The list above only scratches the surface, but once you get your home report back after the home inspector is finished, you’ll see what we mean.

What to expect during a home inspection

We always recommend that the buyer comes along for the inspection along with your realtor. Not only can you speak with the inspector one on one to clarify any issues that arise, it also gives the buyer another chance to view the home. Sometimes during these inspections, the buyer brings along measuring tapes and paint samples to get some planning in ahead of time before possession day.

Home inspections usually take between 1-3 hours, depending on the size of the home and the amount of reported issues. In very unique circumstances, home inspections can take a full day.

Once the home inspector is done looking at the home, they will chat with you and give you an in-depth report of the things that the home needs fixed. The length of this list differs between each home. Though the list can sometimes be long, you need to remember to pay attention to the severity of the issues. There may be missing light switches and cracks in the sidewalk, which are more of an aesthetic issue and not necessary to fix right away. However, if the inspection report tells you that there are major issues with your pipes or foundation, that is when you need to decide with your realtor if those are deal breakers or not. Always keep your budget in mind during this step—even though the home may seem perfect, it may not be worth it to fork out thousands of dollars to fix the issues.

What to expect after a home inspection

After the home inspection takes place, it’s time to sit down with your realtor. If the report shows only a few minor things, then your realtor will likely suggest to move forward with the purchase without any changes to your deal.

However, if your home inspection report comes back with major issues, your realtor will give you three options: 1) to negotiate with the seller to get a smaller selling price of the home, 2) to negotiate with the seller to have them fix the issues before possession day, or 3) to walk away from the home altogether. If the seller agrees to fix the issues for you, it is important to have a follow-up walk-through before your possession date to ensure that the problems were properly tended to.

If you decide to walk away from the home, your realtor will go back to step one and send you listings of homes that are similar to the one you just walked away from. Though it’s extremely disappointing for our clients (and for us!) when this happens, we have never regretted backing away from a bad investment. 

Hiring a home inspector in Edmonton

Edmonton is filled with many credible home inspection companies. Did you know that Alberta and British Columbia are the only two provinces that require home inspectors to have certifications? This means that here in Alberta, all home inspectors are licensed and you can sleep soundly knowing that trained professionals are inspecting your home. We at TruHome work with a couple specific companies that are amazing. Here they are:

Brent Moffat

Edmonton, AB T5T 2Y5, Canada

Phone: 780-224-5035

Visit the website


Edgar Castillo, 

Canadian Residential Inspection Services NE Edmonton

Namao Center PO Box 31085 Edmonton AB T5Z 3P3 (Street Address: 10315 – 178 Avenue NW, Edmonton)

Phone: 780-910-2857

How much does a home inspection cost?

During most purchases, the buyer usually pays for the home inspection. However, there’s no rule that says that you can’t negotiate that the seller pays for the home inspection when you’re in the negotiation stage before the inspection takes place.

There are some cases when the seller performs a home inspection before they put their house on the market. In those cases, it is up to the buyer to either accept that home inspection or perform a second home inspection on their own dime. However, we at TruHome definitely recommend hiring your own inspector—someone that is unbiased and can give you an honest report.

That being said, if you are hiring the home inspector yourself, you can expect to spend between $200-$400. 

In conclusion

We know home inspections can be daunting—especially when you’re a first-time home buyer. But like we mentioned earlier in this article, home inspections are important and necessary, even if they aren’t required to purchase a home. 

More often than not, there will be an issue with your home, even if it’s only a year or two old. But know when this happens, you’re not alone. Your realtor is there to help you throughout your journey to home ownership—even when it gets difficult!

We at TruHome take pride in being a shoulder to lean on during the home buying process. At each and every step, we’re only a call or a coffee hang away! If you’re looking to purchase your next place to call home, feel free to book a Buyer’s Consult with us to get started.

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